Amqui Jobs Near Me

Amqui is a town in eastern Quebec, Canada, at the base of the Gaspé peninsula, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent district. In the Mi’gmaq language, Amqui means “the place to have fun.” Amqui is a village-relais, which means it provides a range of quality services, including accommodations, at the confluence of the Matapedia River and Lake Matapédia, at the junction of routes 132 and 195. The town has won four “florets” for its horticultural beautification activities.


Québec City is the city where life is healthy now more than ever. All of these adjectives describe Québec City as a developing city: welcoming, attractive, dynamic, family-friendly, full of students, entrepreneurial, imaginative, cultural, sporty, clean, both urban and rural. After reading this guide, you’ll understand why people from all over the world want to unpack their things here every year. And we’re sure you’re thinking of doing the same thing!

While the cost of living in this city is comparatively low as opposed to other big North American cities, you should make sure you have enough funds put aside to cover your moving costs, which may be considerable. The cost of living in Quebec City is very poor. They’re among the cheapest in the country!

Thinking about the salary range provided in Amqui? Firstly, it depends upon your field but usually in Amqui, salaries vary between $33,400 and $590,000 a year. This is the regular annual wage, which includes lodging, transportation, and other perks. The median household income is approximately $54,959.


If you want to be a part of Amqui’s team? Are you interested in learning more about the various types of jobs available in the city? Are you thinking about whether or not you would be able to find a decent job? Ok, don’t think about hustling because Amqui has a multitude of career openings, both those that need higher credentials and those that do not. Then you literally perform adequate analysis and locate your ideal work. Quebec City and its environs have a thriving economy, a low unemployment rate, and a fantastic job climate.

According to recent estimates by Employment Quebec, the region would need the filling of approximately 70,000 vacancies over the next five years. Here we have pointed some of the easily available jobs that do not require higher qualifications and also pay you quite well. 

1. General Worker

A general worker’s responsibilities include manual carrying, transporting merchandise and inventory, manually sorting products, maintaining the work area and equipment clean and tidy, and adhering to safety regulations. You’ll also be responsible for building repairs, such as interior and exterior cleaning, furniture assembly, inventory management, and recycling.

2. Sales Associate

The Sales Associate delivers excellent customer support, merchandises, produces and processes sales, and keeps the shop tidy and presentable.

3. Business Analyst (Communications & Marketing )

This is the ideal opportunity for you if you are a specialist who wants to be a part of one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing IT and industry advisory firms. You will have the chance to serve on the Marketing and Communications team’s most recent events and programmes as a consultant. To keep track of the Marketing and Communications team’s success, you’ll need to write a variety of reports and presentations. Perform data analytics to better grasp and spot patterns in our pricing, deals, and prospects, among other things.

4. Dairy Feed Sales

A dairy feed salesperson’s job is to run and develop a company involving Organic Dairies. Assist dairy farmers with their feed and diet requirements. Established distribution expertise in dairy feed and supplements, as well as awareness of and/or interest in Organic Dairies.

5. Remote Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative’s role is to keep and retain new clients by managing inbound sales and customer contact (calls, emails, and click-to-chat) about service status or network problems, questions, and issues. In control of inbound sales and customer contact (phone calls, emails, and click-to-chat) in the processing, expediting, and troubleshooting of customer orders in both French and English.

6.Financial Advisor

Becoming a financial planner necessitates a high level of engagement, determination, and initiative. This can be a highly satisfying career both personally and professionally for the right person when paired with our encouragement. You partner closely with customers to build relationships, have detailed financial planning, and assist them in achieving financial confidence in their long-term financial goals on your terms.