Barkmere Jobs Near Me

Barkmere is a town in Quebec, Canada, that is part of the Les Laurentides Regional County Municipality. With a population of just 58 people according to the 2011 Canadian census, this is one of the smallest municipalities in Quebec.

Barkmere is a city in Quebec, Canada, that is part of the Les Laurentides Regional County Municipality and the Laurentides Administrative Area. In 1926, lots from the cantons of Arundel and Montcalm surrounding Bark Lake (now “Lac des Écorces”) in Quebec were incorporated under the Cities and Towns Act. Even though the city is officially bilingual, there is a sizable German population.


The residents of Barkmere enjoy a very secure living environment. This is a good place to live, according to our city rankings, with strong scores in housing, business independence, and healthcare. The majority of Quebecois speak French as their first language, and it is the province’s sole official language, making it the only Canadian province that is officially monolingual in French. Quebec is one of the few areas of North America with a preserved French history and language, despite being surrounded by English-speaking lands.So, if you are someone who is planning to move to this city, then you should just pack your bags! 


Barkmere is a small city with some really beautiful places that you can visit. And roaming around the city has to be the most interesting thing when a person shifts to a new city. Barkmere offers loads of places to have fun around but we have listed some of the popular and interesting places that are worth visiting!

1. Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort

2. Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant

3. Mont-Tremblant Activity Centre

4. Express Gondola

5. Val-David-Val-Morin Regional Park

1. Administration Assistants 

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2. Sales, marketing, and advertising managers

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3. Registered Nurses

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4. Machinists and tool inspectors

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5. Librarians

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6. Community and social service workers

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7. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers

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8. Human resource professionals

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