Brossard Jobs Near Me

Brossard is the best neighbourhood on Montreal’s South Shore because it has a diverse population and a wide range of beautiful homes in which to raise a family. With the continued growth and development of Broussard’s golden kid, the DIX30 shopping district and its surrounding residential areas, Brossard is also a progressive neighbourhood that idealises leisure and opulence.

Brossard is still buzzing with events put on by the city government. From big communal picnics to recreational indoor swimming opportunities, Le Loisard is the ultimate guide to anything going on in Brossard. Le Loisard is not just for kids; it seeks to bring the whole group together and includes activities for adults, such as learning a new language or brushing up on math skills.


Brossard has an average cost of living of $1096, which is comparable to the global average. It is ranked 5153rd out of 9294 in our global ranking, 143rd out of 153 in Canada, and 51st out of 60 in Quebec State.

The median after-tax income is $4334, which is enough to finance four months’ worth of living expenses. In the list of best places to live in the world, it is ranked 635th (TOP 7%), 38th in Canada, and the 7th most liveable city in Quebec State. Brossard is the 59th largest city in Canada, with an estimated population of 85.7k.

1. Product Offering Intern

Since a large part of their work entails listening to clients, Product Offering interns are uniquely qualified to make strategic recommendations. They collect feedback, evaluate it, and devise strategies for improving the product.

2. Digital Forensic Specialist

Forensic computer analysts and digital forensic experts, as the name suggests, reconstruct and examine digital information to help in investigations and solve computer-related crimes. They investigate hacking cases, track down the origins of computer attacks, and retrieve data that has been lost or stolen.

3. Client Architect

Architects play an important role in architecture, as they are responsible for the visual presentation of buildings and structures prior to final structural design. Architects create designs that are more aesthetically innovative. To please the client, the architect employs his or her imagination and innovative ideas.

4. SEO Analyst

Keyword analysis, content optimization, and user experience management are all part of the SEO Analyst’s job description. You should be familiar with current SEO techniques and tools, as well as possess excellent analytical skills, to be effective in this position.

5. Program Analyst

A Program Analyst is in charge of preparing, overseeing, and reviewing an organization’s activities, as well as making suggestions to improve their effectiveness and performance. They compile, evaluate, and report on complex data in order to spot patterns and make suggestions for change.

6. Customer Support Agent 

A customer service representative’s primary responsibility is to answer and resolve customer complaints in a timely and effective manner. Support reps communicate with customers through a variety of platforms, including phone, email, and social media, and make sure that all legitimate customer questions are addressed promptly.

7. Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant’s responsibilities include helping our managers and staff with everyday office needs, as well as overseeing our company’s general administrative tasks. Making travel and meeting plans, writing reports, and maintaining proper filing systems are all duties of the Administrative Assistant. The ideal candidate should be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, as well as coordinate their work using resources such as MS Excel and office equipment.

8. Human Resources Assistant

A human resources assistant assists with human resource procedures such as administering assessments, arranging meetings, performing an orientation, and keeping records and data. By conducting and rating exams, it verifies applicants’ abilities. Exams are scheduled by arranging appointments.

9. Store Operations Associate

Operations Associates work with the Operations Manager to complete clerical and administrative activities that support the organization’s operations. Operations Associates have a variety of responsibilities that vary by sector, but they are employed in almost every consumer- or client-facing industry. As a result, Operations Associates are usually responsible for the financial, inventory, and human resource aspects of a company.

10. Quality Assurance Technicial 

Technicians in quality assurance (QA) ensure that organisation and consumer quality requirements are met. They execute quality assessments, perform inspection reviews, calibrate equipment, and transmit test results under the guidance of the quality assurance manager.

Brossard, Québec has an estimated annual income of $65,308 (CAD) or a $31 hourly wage (CAD).