Brownsburg-Chatham Jobs Near Me

Brownsburg is a town in Indiana’s Hendricks County. At the 2010 Census, the population was 21,285 people, up from 14,520 in 2000. The population was projected to be 27,001 in 2019. Brownsburg, Cushing, Daleville, Greece’s Point, Pine Hill, and Saint-Philippe are among the villages along the Ottawa River just west of Lachute. Agriculture, tourism, and explosives manufacturing are all economic activities.


1. Greek Orthodox Monastery 

2. Garlic of Time

3. St Mungo’s United Church

4. Spring Awakening Chocolates

5. Robert’s Ranch

Women, visible minorities, racial minorities, and Aboriginal people are encouraged to apply to the Town of Brownsburg-Equal Chatham’s Access Program.

1. Manufacturing Graduate Associate

What Are Manufacturing Associates’ Responsibilities? Manufacturing associates are in charge of preparing equipment and materials for production, as well as maintaining inventory, operating general equipment such as autoclaves and washers, and assisting with bulk manufacturing as required.

2. Enumerator

Enumerators conduct door-to-door interviews to gather census data. They assist the census bureau in gathering data on the population of a specific town, state, or region. Enumerators usually operate only during census season and in their own neighborhoods.

3. Pharmacy technical assistant

The pharmacy technical assistant assists the pharmacist in filling orders, creating patient reports, and performing technical tasks related to the preparation and distribution of medications. He also assists in inventory control and other responsibilities that may be assigned to him.

4. Factory Helper

Factory staff are in charge of a variety of tasks, including product collection, sorting, and packaging, as well as running machines and checking production to ensure it is in line.

5. Associate Financial Advisor

Via outbound prospecting, customer touch, and sales activities, the Associate Financial Advisor plays a critical role in promoting and expanding agency operations. This position may have the option of specialising in one or more product categories, such as life, community, or money. As a trustworthy Associate Advisor, the Associate Financial Advisor will evaluate opportunities in both the personal and business markets, assess needs, and make educated product recommendations.

6. Housekeeping attendant

A housekeeping attendant’s work entails vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, and polishing guest rooms. Make the beds, change the covers, and discard or repair any used towels or toiletries. Deliver and retrieve borrowed objects, such as irons and ironing boards, from visitors. Ensure that guest rooms are secure and that guests’ privacy is respected.

7. Warehouse Coordinator

The Warehouse Coordinator’s role is critical in ensuring that inventory levels are handled in compliance with both customer and company needs. The incumbent is in charge of evaluating and managing site inventory specifications, as well as any associated operations. This person is in charge of inventory accuracy, ensuring the quality of all items, and carrying out all tasks relevant to Group standards and procedures.

8. Accounting and finance technician

You will assist members of the finance team with different tasks assigned to technical roles as accounting and finance technician. With your extensive accounting knowledge and internal training in each of the main roles, you will be called upon to assist your coworkers in different positions during peak service times and in the event of absences. You like a challenge, are adaptable and want to contribute to the smooth operation of activities.

8. Personal finance advisor 

As a personal finance advisor, you’re in charge of building and maintaining long-term, trustworthy business relationships with members and customers in order to ensure their satisfaction. Your job is to listen to the needs of members and clients, provide guidance that is tailored to their financial situation, and assist them in selecting suitable strategies to achieve their financial objectives. You work closely with a client base that is mostly made up of individuals. As a result, interpersonal savvy is needed.

9. Economic development co-ordinator

An economic development specialist assists a city’s economic development department in a variety of ways, including planning and developing economic initiatives, marketing, and conducting analysis in order to put an economic development strategy into action. They create fundraising strategies, assist in the resolution of logistical problems, and work with a variety of colleagues and departments.

10. Investment Assistant

Investment Assistants assist appointed financial consultants in optimising sales, resolving client service requests, providing investment guidance, preparing audits, executing marketing activities, cultivating client relationships, and coordinating client seminars.