Cap-Chat Jobs Near Me

Cap-Chat is a town in the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine overseas territory of the Canadian region of Quebec, centered in the Haute-Gaspésie Regional County Municipality. It’s situated 16 kilometres west of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts is Cap-Chat. Cap-Chat had a population of 2,777 people in 2006. The cost of day-to-day necessities is very low, while tuition fees are reasonable and healthcare is provided free of charge. Cap-chat is, in a nutshell, a fantastic place to work!


1. Eole Cap-Chat

2. Phare De Cap Chat

3. Halte Les Capucins

You want to look at high-demand work in Cap-Chat so that you can choose a career with more job stability and higher pay. Since employers would need quality employees due to labour shortages, many of the in-demand jobs for the next five years offer excellent earning potential. With the baby boomer generation’s retirement rates expected to rise (i.e., born between 1946 and 1965).

So, to assist you in identifying potential career prospects, we’ve identified some of the most in-demand positions in Canada over the next few years. The occupations mentioned below are projected to have a large number of job openings, as well as a shortage of skilled workers to fill them.

1.  Registered Nurse

Ever thought of helping someone? Always wanted to contribute to society? Well, this job opportunity could be your dream. The registered nurse’s duties include tracking a patient’s condition and evaluating their needs in order to offer the best possible treatment and advice. Observing and interpreting the signs of patients and explaining them to doctors. Developing individualized treatment plans for patients in collaboration with doctors and nurses. $37.60 per hour is the median hourly rate. 

2. Truck Driver

You would be responsible for transporting goods in heavy trucks from one location to another as a truck driver. You will also be in charge of ensuring that goods are delivered to consumers in a secure and timely manner. You’ll need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and experience in driving and procedures to work as a truck driver. $21.67 per hour is the median hourly rate.

3. College or Vocational Instructor

Vocational teachers teach subjects that are directly applicable to a particular area or work. In addition to classroom instruction, they usually offer advice and placement assistance. Teacher success requires a combination of subject matter expertise, cultural understanding, preparation, and patience. $37.93 per hour is the median hourly income.

4. Business Management Consultant 

Management consultants assist businesses in resolving issues, improving business efficiency, adding value, and maximising growth. They find solutions to business problems and make recommendations for improvements to make. $36.55 per hour is the median hourly rate.

5. Licensed Practical Nurse

A licensed practical nurse plans and manages patient care based on the individual needs of each patient. Patients are interviewed and their medical history and physical status are documented. Takes vital signs from the patient, such as pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and respiration. Patients are cared for on a regular basis. $26.30 per hour is the median hourly rate.

6. Software Engineer 

Software engineers are computer science practitioners who design software devices, produce computer games, and manage network control systems using engineering concepts and programming languages. $43.27 per hour is the median hourly wage.

7.  Industrial Electrician

In an industrial plant or worksite, industrial electricians perform a range of tasks related to electrical controls, machinery, and wiring. Electrical component testing, troubleshooting, installation, and repair can be part of their job. Fix and troubleshoot electrical appliances. $33.19 per hour is the median hourly rate.

8.  Dispensing Optician

Dispensing opticians are also critical in advising and dispensing low vision aids to partially sighted people, as well as advising and dispensing to children when necessary. Following further specialist training, they are also able to suit and care for contact lenses. $24.00 per hour is the median hourly wage.

9. Pipefitter

Pipefitters are professionals who build pipe systems for heating, hot water, cooling, steam, and other applications. They ensure that pipes are cut, assembled, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. $36 per hour is the median hourly rate.

10.  Psychologist

The job of a psychologist is one of the most important and responsible ones as you get to influence someone positively. On a regular basis, clinical psychologists typically perform a variety of activities, including interviewing patients, conducting interviews, administering diagnostic tests, providing psychotherapy, and administering services. They could work in a hospital, a school, a university, a jail, a mental health facility, or in private practice. $40.00 per hour is the median hourly wage.