Cookshire-Eaton Jobs Near Me

Cookshire-Eaton is the largest municipality in the Haut-Saint-François MRC, with scenic routes and many village cores, including Eaton Corner, one of the Eastern Townships’ oldest villages. Captain Jack Cook, the first settler in the area in 1795, was the inspiration for the municipality’s name. The big economic boom that this region witnessed is still reflected in architectural gems. The Parc des Braves and its interpretive panels, as well as the Maison de la Culture John-Henry Pope, the Eaton Corner Museum, and the John Cook and McDermott covered bridges, are all must-sees.


Cookshire-Eaton is a slice of heaven: the municipality is a source of inspiration from Johnville to Bulwer, Eaton Corner to Sawyerville, and Birchton to Cookshire. The Town is geared for the future: a great place to thrive, thanks to its richness, cultural diversity, climate, and capacity for achievement. The community plays a significant role, serving the population both individually and collectively, and encouraging residents to participate in economic, community, and cultural activities.

1. Administrative agent 

An effective Administrative Officer can serve as a single point of contact for all staff, providing administrative support and resolving their issues. Managing office stock, preparing daily reports (e.g., expenditures and office budgets), and organizing company records are among the main responsibilities.

Maintaining the loan registry, setting rates, calculating interest, issuing payment notices, facilitating borrowings, handling lender trades, and gathering enforcement materials from the borrower are just some of the responsibilities of an administrative agent.

2. Assistant manager

Hiring and training sales associates, tracking inventory, and ordering products based on demand are all duties of the Assistant Manager. You’ll also conduct market analysis and evaluate consumer behavior to ensure that our store meets and exceeds customer standards.

An ideal candidate would have retail management experience and a strong business sense. You should be able to organize and solve problems as well. Since you’ll be liaising with supervisors, staff, and clients on a regular basis, interpersonal and mediation skills will come in handy.

3. Customer and Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist should be a capable professional who can understand customer behavior patterns and come up with innovative ideas. Specialized marketing ideas, values, and strategies should also be well-understood. The aim is to provide successful marketing campaigns that will help us improve our credibility and expand our business.

4. Market Development Manager

As a market development manager, you’ll be responsible for identifying sales leads, pitching potential customers on products or services, and maintaining positive working relationships with new contacts. Other responsibilities include informing prospective clients of new product innovations. Managing the development of marketing literature.

5. Sales representative

A company’s main point of contact with its clients is its sales agents. Sales representatives ensure that existing customers have the best goods and services, find potential opportunities and consumer leads, and pitch prospective clients.

To increase revenue, sales representatives must effectively communicate the advantages of a company’s goods. Sales reps are the point of contact between a company and its prospects or clients, and they are responsible for a variety of tasks such as identifying and informing potential buyers as well as providing information and assistance to current customers about goods and services.

6. Branch advisor

A branch advisor is a bank or other financial services company executive who is in charge of a specific location or branch office. Branch managers are usually in charge of all aspects of a branch office, including recruiting staff, managing loan and line of credit (LOC) approvals, marketing, establishing a rapport with the community to attract customers, assisting with customer relations, and ensuring that the branch achieves its goals and objectives on time.

7. Damage insurance broker

A damage insurance broker works for a brokerage company that sells damage insurance from a range of insurers. He solicits quotes from his network of insurers and presents the insured with the quote that best suits his or her needs.

8. Real estate broker

A real estate broker is responsible for negotiating and coordinating real estate transactions. This licensed individual’s regular responsibilities include writing contracts and managing transactions for house, land, and commercial property sales and purchases. A broker holds a higher-level license than a real estate agent and is able to recruit real estate agents to operate as a team under their supervision.