Dolbeau-Mistassini Jobs Near Me

Dolbeau-Mistassini is also known as the “World’s Wild Blueberry Capital.” It offers an enchanting environment on the shores of majestic Lac-Saint-Jean, renowned as much for its landscapes as for the warm welcome of its people. Dolbeau-Mistassini honors the little blue fruit in August with a blueberry festival and the Trappist Fathers’ annual harvest of fresh blueberry chocolate.

Thanks to the Vauvert-Sur-le-lac-Saint-Jean resort, miles of fine sandy beaches are easily accessible. Rivers with majestic waterfalls run through the city’s center, testifying to the city’s founding tradition, which is founded on the Trappist Fathers’ arrival by waterways. Today, visitors can admire their former monastery or visit the Pointe-des-Pères Park, which still contains some ruins and interpretive panels. We can also stop by their new monastery for some of their popular chocolate.


1. Business development representative

As a market development manager, you’ll be responsible for identifying sales leads, pitching potential customers on products or services, and maintaining positive working relationships with new contacts. Since this job is all about communication, your responsibilities will most likely include following up on potential business opportunities and setting up meetings, organizing and scheduling presentations, communicating new product ideas to prospective customers, and overseeing the production of marketing literature, regardless of the industry you work in.

2. Advertising advisor

When an organization hires an advertising agency, they carry on a number of roles. Consultants also pitch new promotional campaign ideas and assist in bringing strategies into view. As a result, these individuals collaborate closely with an agency’s creative team, brainstorming and assisting them in realizing a client’s vision.

To help generate new customers, consultants can collaborate closely with an advertising director. Since consultants have years of experience, they have developed relationships and networks with previous clients.

3. Personal Banker Associate

Personal bankers operate in retail banking branches and provide clients with a wide range of banking and financial issues. Opening checking and savings accounts, securing a mortgage and car loans, and investing in financial instruments, such as certificates of deposit (CDs), capital markets, and other commercial banking products, are all examples of such requirements. They may also be able to assist the consumer with retirement or college preparation. Personal bankers deal primarily with ordinary people, while investment bankers work primarily with institutional investors.

4. Electrical engineer

From electric motors and navigation systems to power generation equipment and the electrical components of automobiles and personal devices, electrical engineers design, produce, test, and manage the manufacturing of electrical equipment.

Electrical engineering is a vast profession with work opportunities in a wide range of industries. Electrical engineers are used in a variety of fields, including the production of electricity and delivery, motorcycles, and smartphones.

5. Sales Advisor 

Sales Advisors help a company grow its client base and make money by identifying and securing new clients. Sales Advisors can be used in any sector that seeks to market goods or services. For example, a retirement community may rely on a Sales Advisor to raise awareness of this lifestyle choice among senior citizens. An educational company’s sales advisors can network with high school students and their parents in order to present products aimed at improving standardized test scores.

6. Production supervisor

The Production Supervisor is in charge of overseeing the manufacturing process and ensuring that it runs smoothly by overseeing all aspects of it. You must be goal-oriented and methodical to succeed as a Production Supervisor. A successful Production Supervisor stays on top of new production technology and ensures that all health and safety regulations are followed.

7.  Cashier supervisor

Cashier Supervisors are in charge of supervising the actions of other store workers, as well as hiring and educating new employees, assigning responsibilities, holding meetings, payroll, enforcing safety policies, and taking corrective measures as necessary.

8. Customer Experience Associate

Customer service representatives are mostly working in the retail and financial industries. They ensure that a customer who patronizes and purchases the company’s products and services has a positive experience first and foremost. It is their responsibility to greet visitors politely, assist them in finding objects, engage customers by asking what service they need and respond to complaints. They’re both great communicators who have been trained to communicate with customers and keep them loyal.

9. Accounting Technician

You will prepare financial data for trained accountants or company managers to use when making decisions as an accounting technician. Accounting technicians work in a variety of settings, including industry, trade, and government. The majority of people in this field begin their careers as finance assistants.

10. Social Services Worker

What does it mean to be a Social Service Worker? Counseling, community care, and social support systems are provided by social service workers to help clients cope with personal and social issues. Staff in social services operate in a variety of environments, including community homes and shelters, as well as income maintenance and youth programs.

The average annual wage for workers in Dolbeau, Québec is $62,805 (CAD), or $30 per hour (CAD).