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Dunham is a city in the Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec. Dunham, a friendly town with a long history, was founded as the first township in the beautiful Eastern Townships in 1820. It was established by a group of loyalists whose official representative was Sir Thomas Dunn, in whose honour the town is now known as “Dunham.” The village was incorporated in 1867, while the township was incorporated in 1858. Dunham became a town on September 25, 1971, when the township and the village merged. Its authentic elegance and loyalist architecture, coupled with its mountainous splendour, have made it a popular destination for both residents and tourists.

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In the summer and fall, right up until the end of the apple harvest in mid-October, Dunham is a great day trip from Montreal. From the city, it’s a scenic 75-minute drive. The idyllic landscapes of the Eastern Townships surround the picture-perfect village, which includes rolling hills dotted with vineyards, apple orchards, and blueberry fields. It’s a century-old enclave of grand stone mansions and shops selling handcrafted local crafts on its main street. On the Route des Vins, Dunham (population 4,000) has been attracting wine lovers for more than 30 years.

1. Shipping Clerk

A shipping clerk ensures that correct records of all goods purchased and delivered are maintained. They’re still in charge of keeping inventory reports up to date and reliable. They weigh and monitor shipments and ensure that goods arrive at their destination on time. A shipping clerk collaborates closely with management, producing reports and maintaining meticulous records while constantly tracking inventory.

2. Shipper

A shipper is an individual who is in charge of transporting goods and commodities. A shipper’s position is critical in the shipping industry, and it should never be ignored. The involvement of a shipper simplifies the job of a ship owner because the shipper is responsible for ensuring that the cargo arrives at its intended destination without incident.

3. Head Nurse

A head nurse can be found in any setting where nurses operate, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and psychiatric facilities. This work entails supervising nurses, coordinating treatment with other health providers, and managing budgets. 

A registered nursing degree or diploma is required. You will also need to take some business studies courses. In the province where you live, you’ll also need to register with a regulatory body. Finally, as a registered nurse, you’ll need to begin by acquiring clinical experience.

4. Economic Development Director

These government employees are concerned about how cities, towns, and economic regions will thrive. This primarily entails assessing, preparing, and implementing economic policy, but it also entails data collection and programme development. Border management managers, consultants, and tourism growth managers are among the positions in this group.

5. Construction Manager

Construction managers supervise construction crews, ensuring that projects are well-organized and on schedule. They also forecast budgets, create plans, and identify construction milestones. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or construction technology is required.

6. Quarrying Supervisor

The employees who remove coal, minerals, and ore from the field are supervised by a mining and quarrying supervisor. They can operate heavy machinery, monitor employee safety, and perform administrative tasks such as ordering materials and supplies. You’ll need to finish at least high school, with certain specialised positions requiring completion of a mining or engineering programme at a college or university. 

7.  Telecommunications Manager

Managers are employed by telecommunications providers to maintain their infrastructure and oversee their activities. A telecommunications manager may be in charge of network setup, switching networks, and ensuring that their systems are compliant with regulations. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in the area you’re working in, as well as several years of supervisory experience.

 8. Public Relations Manager

You’ll be in charge of a brand’s or organization’s public image as a public relations manager. Planning and managing promotional campaigns, conducting and reviewing market analysis reports, and maintaining relationships with the media are all possible job responsibilities. A bachelor’s degree or a college diploma in communications, public relations, marketing, or journalism is required.

9. Health Care Manager

Become a healthcare manager to take advantage of the massive growth expected in the health care sector as the population ages. You’ll be in charge of health-care delivery in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other settings in this role. Supervising health care staff, hiring new employees, preparing and reviewing service delivery, and setting budgets are all responsibilities of healthcare administrators.