Gaspé Jobs Near Me

Gaspé is the capital of Gaspésie and is located in the far east of the peninsula. Because of the existence of LM Wind Power – Gaspé, Forillon National Park, a major tourist attraction, and Rivière-au-Renard, Quebec’s maritime fishing capital, it has a booming wind-power industry.

Gaspé, as a vibrant global city, has an airport that connects to major cities, making air travel convenient. In addition to the majority of the population being Francophones, the city has a sizable Anglophone minority and is home to the Micmac Nation of Gespeg.


The city of Gaspé is the place to be if you want to live in Gaspésie. It provides the best of both worlds: excellent job prospects as well as a plethora of outdoor, leisure, and cultural events, all set in a welcoming atmosphere of breathtaking sea and mountain views. Gaspé, with its many career and business prospects, is sure to have something that suits your goals or allows you to realise your entrepreneurial dreams.

Gaspé is an ideal city for raising a family in a safe setting, with a wide variety of facilities, utilities, and entertainment options. Gaspé also provides what is considered a rare commodity: time for cultural, social, and sporting events, far from the stress of major cities. Living in Gaspé means living life to the fullest by following a pleasure-oriented lifestyle!

1. The wind industry is a significant contributor to the Gaspé economy. Several companies operating in this sector have chosen Gaspé as their base of operations, resulting in the creation of hundreds of jobs in the area and establishing it as the primary wind hub in eastern Canada.

2. In the Gaspé region, which includes Rivière-au-Renard, Quebec’s fishing capital, and L’Anse-au-Griffon, the fisheries sector is a major economic driver. Les Pêcheries Marinard in Rivière-au-Renard, which employs over 250 people, is a leading Canadian producer of northern shrimp, producing between 13 and 15 million pounds per season.

3. As a coastal community, Gaspé brings together a number of maritime-related businesses. Three shipyards are located there, as well as a full range of fisheries-related facilities and job opportunities in the Rivière-au-Renard industrial park.

4. Gaspé is a popular tourist destination with a diverse selection of attractions and activities. Not to mention the must-see Forillon National Park, adventure tourism businesses, and numerous restaurants and shops.


1.  Assistant Store Manager

Assisting and overseeing high-performing teams is part of an assistant store manager’s job description. Customer experience that is unrivalled. Customer service experience is needed, as well as a track record of achieving sales and profit targets.

2. Health and Safety Advisor

The role of a health advisor is to help with the creation, implementation, and assessment of health and safety programmes. Coach and mentor Operations personnel on the requirements of the Safety Management System. The efficacy of health and safety programmes is evaluated by inspections and evaluations of work environments, equipment, processes, and other practises.

3. Operations Manager

A field operations manager’s job is to maintain the field fleet of equipment and specialised equipment in good working order for field projects. You’ll be in charge of all field projects from start to finish. Keep track of the project’s expenses.

They monitor various aspects of the company, ensuring sustainability and performance while attempting to cut costs. They supervise other main leaders in various departments and direct groups of people through their individual roles in order to achieve company-wide objectives.

4. Web Developer

Web developers are coding experts who produce anything from computer programmes to mobile applications. Thanks to Canada’s Global Talent Stream, which handles applications in two weeks, web developers have a direct path to a work permit. Since the job considers user interface and function, a basic understanding of graphic design and computer programming is required.

5. Receptionist

Receptionists are in high demand because they are the first face that customers see when they enter a business, making their job extremely important. Customer service and technical skills are required for this role.

6. Sales Operations Driver

As a sales operations driver, you should adhere to both company and customer safety requirements and responsibilities. You’ll also be in charge of maintaining electronic logbooks and performing vehicle inspections on a regular basis.