Lac-Brome Jobs Near Me

With its Victorian beauty, intimate atmosphere derived from loyalist roots, and majestic lake that is an integral part of the lives of those who live there, the Town of Brome Lake is a peaceful place where harmonious community life is at the heart of preoccupations. With its English country vibe, it attracts an increasing number of residents who choose to settle here to enjoy its enchanting setting and green spaces on a daily basis, even if just for a day or a weekend, to escape the frenzy and concrete of big cities.


Town of Brome Lake, which was formed by the merger of several municipalities along its banks, will transport you to another world in just over an hour from Montreal. It has a mixed community of anglophones and francophones who live in peace, including many freethinkers, musicians, business people, visionaries, and families, all drawn to the Town of Brome Lake by the quality of life it can provide.

Brome Lake, with a surface area of 14.53 km2, draws visitors all year. It is also at the core of the lives of the people who live there. In the summer, it is used for swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, rowing, or paddle boating (SUP), running and walking in the paths that line its banks, and biking along its shores, making it a haven for fishermen, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and sports enthusiasts. More and more jobs are choosing to come and settle down in an enchanting and inspiring environment without the hassle of being trapped in traffic in big cities, thanks to modern technology and high-speed Internet in villages like Knowlton. 

The Town of Brome Lake has a variety of job opportunities for those who want to contribute to the development of our community while also taking on new challenges. Jobs in a number of fields are available, including office work, banking, fire protection, customer care, leisure, and tourism. So, here we have noted down some of the job options that you can explore in Lac-brome-  

1. Technical Assistant

In every project team or professional organization, the Technical Assistant plays an important role. The job holder ensures that operational and administrative activities are performed on time to assist technical staff in completing the work or project.

2. Inside Sales Representative 

A sales representative’s job is to find new sales opportunities by following up on inbound leads and making outbound cold calls and emails. Understanding the needs and preferences of the consumer. Qualified leads are routed to the necessary sales reps for further creation and closing.

3. Reception manager 

A reception manager’s role is to welcome clients and guests and make sure that all receptionists are providing the same quality of service. To ensure that client arrival records are kept up to date and that passes are issued in a timely and professional manner.

4. Equipment technician

An equipment technician is in charge of overseeing the running of company equipment and machinery, checking for any malfunctions, and replacing any faulty parts as soon as possible to avoid production delays.

5. Municipal inspector

A municipal inspector’s duties include oversight of the municipality’s conservancy or conservancy plant and equipment, as well as control over the conservancy workers. Supervision of the town’s water source, maintenance of a good log, and disinfection of the water supply during epidemics. Supervision of steps taken to keep cattle sheds, slaughterhouses, markets, and municipal cattle fed and cared for clean and sanitary.

6. Sales Associate

The sales associate is in charge of upholding store expectations and providing a pleasant shopping experience for customers. When delegated by the store management team, the sales associate may also be responsible for a range of operational duties (ie housekeeping duties, visual presentation standards, etc.).

7. Team Member – Sales

A sales team member’s job is to engage actively with all customers on the sales floor and at the cash register. To provide a better guest experience, use the company’s selling strategies. Assist in maintaining a well-stocked and tidy store appearance.

8. Cashier 

The primary responsibility of a cashier is to assist customers with the in-store check-out process. Ringing up sales, bagging goods, demanding price checks, honoring discounts, receiving payment, and giving sufficient change are some of the main responsibilities. It’s possible that you’ll be in charge of inspecting products and supplies and reporting when they’re running low.