Lavaltrie Jobs Near Me

Lavaltrie is a community in the D’Autray Regional County Municipality in the southern part of the Lanaudière province of Quebec, Canada, northeast of Montreal and outside of the northern crown’s suburban sprawl. According to the Canada 2011 Census, the population was 13,267 people living on a land surface area of about 70 square kilometres, with agricultural activities taking up the majority of the land.


The history of Lavaltrie can be traced back to the 17th century. The intendant of New France, Jean Talon, distributed land parcels (known as manors) to various lords. Talon gave the land where Lavaltrie now stands to a lieutenant, Sieur la Valtrie, in 1672. Landowners constructed the Chemin Du Roy, now known as Quebec Route 138, along the Saint Lawrence River in the 18th century, connecting Montreal and Quebec City. For several decades, Lavaltrie was at the heart of a vast network of lordly manors aimed at expanding the agricultural sector.

Whatever the reasons for moving, the quality of life in Quebec is likely to be one of them. Canada, Quebec, and Lavaltrie in particular are consistently ranked first in numerous quality-of-life surveys. Education, healthcare access, protection, nature, and work-life balance are all important factors in determining a population’s level of prosperity and well-being in Quebec, which ranked 12th in the world on the Human Development Index in 2016.

Quebec has a relatively low crime rate, which contributes to its high quality of life. The feeling of insecurity in Lavaltrie is limited to a few places, and the most common crimes are burglary and bicycle theft. Prior to considering quality of life, it is important to consider health: realise that healthcare in Quebec is generally available and affordable.

The availability of free, high-quality education for all and the high quality of Quebec’s universities attract a large number of immigrants. Since the population is generally well-educated, keep in mind that degrees are often less necessary than technical experience in this country.

If you and your family decide to move to Quebec, you will have a variety of educational choices, including public, private, and enhanced programmes in French and English. You can depend on us to assist you in developing the best plan for maximising your children’s access to the high-quality of life that Lavaltrie has to offer.

1. Information Security Analyst

You will be responsible for performing risk assessments and ensuring the enforcement with our suppliers’ solutions, systems, and goods as a member of the information management team. You’ll also make sure that our suppliers’ certifications and technical enforcement criteria are followed up on. In addition, you’ll be expected to perform roles and functions that are unique to the position of information security analyst in Agile teams.

2. Delivery coordinator

As a project management manager, you help cross-sector projects achieve their goals on schedule and on budget by directing content, time, IT, and human resources. You evaluate project feasibility and opportunities, create action plans, establish goals, and manage project teams. You manage and organise contributors who are responsible for delivering the application and technology aspect of one or more large-scale, creative projects.

3. Senior Advisor (IT)

You will regularly track opportunities provided by emerging technology and market models for the enterprise as a whole as a Senior Advisor, IT Architecture. You’ll create solutions that incorporate architecture and foundation goals to meet the business needs of large-scale initiatives or programs.

4. Senior Database Administrator

A senior database administrator is in charge of key resources and services used across our facilities, such as asset, mission, and software management, dailies, analytics, and core python libraries that support the development of major feature films, commercials, television episodics, virtual reality, and more.

5. Data Architect

You will be the point of touch and coach for decision-making bodies in the implementation of a shared language between company and IT as a consulting specialist and subject matter expert in your area. You strive to improve business knowledge modelling and its popular language to meet the needs of the whole enterprise.

6. Technical Analyst

A technical analyst, also known as a chartist or market technician, is a stock analyst or broker who evaluates investments using historical market prices and technical indicators. Short-term price fluctuations, according to technicians, are the product of supply and demand factors in the market for particular protection.