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Léry is a small town in Quebec, Canada, on the south shore of Lake Saint-Louis. According to the 2011 Census of Canada, the population was 2,307. The Bellevue Golf Club, with two 18-hole courses, is located on Route 132 west of Châteauguay and east of Beauharnois in the administrative area of Montérégie.

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Léry, a small rural town of 2,430 residents located 17 kilometres from Montreal, is a small rural town along the shores of Lake Saint-Louis for more than 7 kilometres, offering its residents an out of the ordinary living atmosphere with spectacular views of the lake.

Its 11-square-kilometer property has a spa, luxury homes, and country residences feel to it. The shores of Lac-Saint-Louis and the Presqu’Île Asselin sector are home to several prominent residences. High-end townhouses are also available. 

Residents will enjoy fishing, yachting, walking, and biking on the scenic waterside during the season. They can also go sailing at the Woodland Yacht Club Nautique or play golf at the well-known Belle Vue Golf Club. Route 132, which runs the length of the city, connects Léry to the rest of the region. A public transportation system (bus) also helps people to get around the city in the morning and evening.

1. Retail Sales Associate

A retail sales associate is responsible for all aspects of the customer experience through different firms within a store area (retail, leasing, custom, and omni-channel). The Consultant must foster and positively influence a customer-centric culture by being customer-ready and consistently providing a world-class experience to be successful in this role. The Consultant is expected to contribute as a member of a high-performing team by demonstrating confidence, commitment, and a focus on results.

2. Merchandising Specialist

A merchandising specialist is in charge of managing a company’s product promotion, putting together creative displays both in the physical store and on the company’s website to entice consumers to purchase the items, resulting in increased revenue and profitability. Experts in merchandising assist with the development of marketing campaigns and the delivery of promotional deals through a variety of communication channels.

3. Administrative Clerk

Administrative clerk duties and responsibilities include providing administrative support to ensure the smooth operation of the office. Assists supervisors and employees with various organisational and coordination tasks. In control of confidential and time-sensitive data.

4. Human Resources Assistant

A Human Resources (HR) Assistant is a professional specialist who assists in the administration and HR functions of an organisation. In order to be successful, HR Assistants must have excellent conflict resolution and decision-making skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of employee relationships, staffing management, and payroll and benefits administration. Problem-solving, organisation, and the recruiting process are all skills that the best candidates possess.

5. Construction Inventory Clerk

Inventory clerks are responsible for overseeing the movement of materials and products into and out of a business, keeping accurate counts of items stored in warehouses, and sometimes stocking showroom floors. Inventory clerks with exceptional math and analytical skills, as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills, will be effective. Applicants that are physically fit and have warehouse experience, as well as a working knowledge of word processing, database, and spreadsheet software and a valid driver’s licence, are suitable candidates.

6. Web coordinator 

A website supervisor is in charge of keeping the content and design of a company’s website up to date. Employers also look for coordinators who are knowledgeable about design software, as well as marketing, design, and communications. While not needed, a degree in web design, communications, or journalism may be beneficial when searching for jobs.

7.  Inventory Manager

Inventory managers are in charge of keeping track of a company’s stock levels. They manage a team of inventory or warehouse staff who receive and log new inventory as it arrives and is shipped out. They’re in charge of keeping track of regular orders, inspecting new shipments, and comparing and contrasting different suppliers.

8. Associate Financial Advisor

Outbound prospecting, customer touchpoints, and sales events are used by the Associate Financial Advisor to support and enhance the agency’s operations. You may be able to specialise in one or more product categories, such as life, culture, or income, with this work. As a trustworthy Associate Advisor, the Associate Financial Advisor will recognise opportunities in both the personal and business markets, assess needs, and make educated product recommendations.