Macamic Jobs Near Me

Macamic is a town in the Abitibi-Ouest Regional County Municipality in northwestern Quebec, Canada. It has a total area of 202.34 km2 and a population of 2,734 people according to the 2011 Census of Canada. The town’s territory also includes the city of Colombourg, in addition to Macamic. More than a century has passed since the first group of colonists arrived in Makamik. Since 1955, Macamic has evolved as a result of two mergers, the first in 2001 with the parish of Macamic and the second in 2002 with the municipality of Colombourg. The town of Macamic as we know it today grew as a result of the efforts of committed people.


When the National Transcontinental Railway, which runs through the Abitibi area, was completed, colonisation began. The first settlers arrived in 1913, hailing from Saint-Ignace-du-Lac, Pierreville, Stanfold, Nicolet, and Shawinigan. They founded themselves south of Lake Macamic, and the new settlement was named after the lake, which is also spelled Makamik.

Makamik had 100 inhabitants in 1914. It had risen to 300 people in 1915, the year the post office opened, and 500 people the following year, when the Parish of Saint-Jean-l’Évangéliste-de-Macamic was created. The population had risen to 1750 by 1918, and the city was organised as the United Township Municipality of Royal-Roussillon-et-Poularies, named after Montcalm’s army’s Royal-Roussillon Regiment and its commander, lieutenant-colonel François-Médard de Poularies.

The Village Municipality of Macamic became a town (ville) in 1955, and on June 13, 2001, it merged with the Parish Municipality of Macamic to create the new Town of Macamic. The Municipality of Colombourg (founded in 1926) was integrated into Macamic on March 2, 2002.

Macamic Lake is a freshwater body in the Abitibi-Ouest Regional County Municipality (MRC), which is part of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue administrative region in Quebec, Canada. It is located in the municipalities of Macamic, Authier-Nord, and Chazel.

A mostly agricultural area surrounds Lake Macamic. From mid-November to the end of April, the surface of this body of water is normally frozen; however, the duration of safe ice traffic is usually from mid-December to the end of March.

Work Options Around The Ville

1. Billing Assistant

You’ll be in charge of managing customer money, creating invoices, and editing records. As a billing clerk, you must be accurate and dependable when handling accounts and paperwork. Being good at math and having a high degree of organizational abilities are needed due to a large amount of financial data. You’ll need some programming skills because you’ll be using computers to speed up your work.

2. Pipefitting Supervisor

A pipefitting supervisor is in charge of the heating, gasoline, and water systems in large industrial and commercial buildings, as well as in your home. They place supply orders, schedule work activities, and make sure everything is running smoothly.

A pipefitter supervisor’s average salary is about $83,000, but you’ll have to start as an apprentice and work your way up as a journeyman or woman to get there. According to PayScale, an entry-level pipefitter can expect to earn $28 per hour, whereas an experienced pipefitter can expect to earn $40.54 per hour.

3. Head Nurse

A head nurse can be found in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and psychiatric services, among other places where nurses work. Supervising nurses, coordinating care with other health professionals, and overseeing budgets are all part of this job. The annual salary for a head nurse is $83,000. 

4. Marketing & Public Relations Manager

As a marketing or public relations manager, you’ll be in charge of a company’s or organization’s public image. Job duties include planning and overseeing advertising strategies, performing and updating market research reports, and maintaining relationships with the media. Managers of marketing and public relations make an average of $83,000 a year.

5. Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants help teachers by helping with classroom supervision and communicating with students individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. Teaching assistants work one-on-one for students who have special educational needs.

6. Housekeeping Attendant

Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and polishing guest rooms are all part of a housekeeping attendant’s work. Make the covers, wash the sheets, and toss or restore any towels or toiletries that have been discarded. Deliver and collect borrowed items from guests, such as irons and ironing boards. Ascertain that the guest rooms are protected and that the privacy of guests is respected.