Matane Jobs Near Me

Matane is a town in Quebec, Canada, on the Gaspé Peninsula, near the mouth of the Matane River on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River. The city is home to the La Matanie Regional County Municipality. The town of Matane encompasses the villages of Petit-Matane and Saint-Luc-de-Matane, in addition to Matane itself. A ferry service to Baie-Comeau and Godbout, as well as a rail ferry service to Baie-Comeau and Sept-Îles, is available on the north shore.


Matane served as a trading post for the Rochelais, who traded European goods for furs with the Mi’kmaq. Mathieu D’Amours was granted a seigneury on both sides of the Matane River in 1672, which led to the first settlements soon after. Until 1845, the Mi’kmaq people lived there.

The municipality of Matane was founded in 1845, but it was dissolved two years later. It was renamed the Parish Municipality of Saint-Jérôme-de-Matane, after the nearby parish, in 1855. In 1893, the village municipality of Saint-Jérôme-de-Matane was formed from the parish municipality and incorporated as the Village Municipality of Saint-Jérôme-de-Matane, which later changed its status and name to City of Matane when city status was granted in 1937.

Matane is well-known for its delicious shrimp. The town is also known for its windmills, which include the province’s largest wind farm. Since so many people learn to fish on the Matane River, it is known as the “River-School ” in Quebec. The river is 101 kilometres long, and it is the only place in Quebec where you can fish from the town square. You’ll be enchanted by the legendary hospitality of the people of this city, which is urban, agricultural, industrial, and historic in equal measure—but most importantly, maritime.

Well-paid jobs near Matane

1. Electrician

An electrician performs repairs, fault-finding, and diagnostics on installed systems using a working knowledge of electrical systems. Installs and maintains new electrical equipment, such as lighting and heating, to consumer specifications while adhering to safety requirements and following codes and regulations.

2. Account Executive

An account executive scouts and establishes partnerships with potential clients and cultivates relationships with existing ones, whether they work in public relations, at a radio station, or with a pharmaceutical corporation.

An account executive serves as a liaison between clients and brand teams, often engaging with each on a regular basis. Planning and managing account action, such as press releases and media pitches, are important aspects of the work.

3. Early Childhood Educator

The teacher’s position as an early childhood educator does not stop with educating the students; it also includes engaging the parents so that what is learned at school and at home is consistent. The teacher’s job is to provide experiential learning as well as reading and numeracy instruction.

4. Financial services advisor

Do you enjoy reading financial journals and researching industry trends? Can you see yourself assisting others in making well-informed decisions? Consider pursuing a career as a financial planner!

Financial advisors help their clients construct investment portfolios. They consider a variety of factors, including economic conditions, regulatory changes, and their client’s level of comfort with risky decisions.

5. Industrial electronics engineer

Industrial electronics technicians work in factories or other industrial environments, conducting general maintenance, inspections, required repairs, and troubleshooting tasks on manufacturing equipment. Industrial electronics technicians can prepare for this profession by completing an associate’s degree programme in industrial electrical technology or by gaining valuable entry-level experience by apprenticing in the industry.

6. Truck mechanic

Heavy-duty trucks, large construction vehicles, buses, and tractor trailers, among other vehicles, are serviced by truck mechanics, also known as diesel repair technicians and mechanics. They inspect, diagnose, and repair everything from brake systems to engines to electrical parts to steering systems, transmissions, and tyres.

7. Ironworker

A tradesman who works in the iron-working industry is known as an ironworker. Ironworkers assemble the structural structure and instal metal support parts for new buildings according to engineered drawings. They also use reinforced concrete and steel to restore and renovate existing buildings.

8. Truck driver

Truck drivers are in charge of operating the company’s commercial vehicles for a number of reasons. They must also be able to keep track of vehicle inspections to ensure that the truck is properly fitted with safety equipment.