Mercier Jobs Near Me

Mercier is a town in the Roussillon Regional County Municipality of southwestern Quebec, Canada. It’s southwest of Montreal, along the Châteauguay River. According to the 2016 Census of Canada, there were 13,115 people living in the town.


Mercier is welcoming an increasing number of young families who have chosen Mercier because of its high quality of life. Mercier flirts with the city and the countryside on the outskirts of the metropolis’ large urbanised area.

The Merciers thrive in the Suroît breeze, which, like the first cultivators’ cart, transports the flavours of apple, corn, and wheat to the big city. Mercier quietly develops with new constructions every year, dreaming of the future, remembering the past, but most importantly, caring for the present and the quality of life of his family.

Mercier is gaining ground, slowly but steadily. It has added a police force, a fire department, an arena, a library, a community centre, several parks, soccer fields, and other facilities over the years. Four colleges, one of which was built in 2012, a comprehensive and a hospital at the northern end, a large agricultural plain to the south and east, a river to the west, and market gardeners aplenty.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is a person who creates artificial intelligence systems and machines. They use data modelling and evaluation strategy to find patterns and predict unseen instances and apply machine learning algorithms and libraries.

2. Vocational Instructor

Teachers are in high demand at all levels, so if you want to make more money, consider being a teacher at a college or vocational training facility. Industry experience, rather than a long list of academic credentials, is more relevant in the latter case, and teaching part-time will help you retire at 50.

3. Telecom Engineer

Electronics specialists who specialise in mobile networks or broadband telecommunications are known as telecom engineers. Speech, video, and data communications systems are designed or configured by telecom engineers. This person will also be in charge of installation and post-installation service and maintenance.

An analytical problem-solver with strong math skills and previous experience is required of a good telecom engineer. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, information technology, or a related field is required for this position.

4. Dog Handler

Dog trainers are workers who are skilled at studying dog actions and teaching them efficiently. Dog trainers operate in a variety of settings, including law enforcement, search-and-rescue teams, and dog shows.

5. Cabinetmaker

Your responsibilities as a cabinetmaker can include the following: Cutting, shaping, and forming wood with woodworking machines and hand tools. Glue and clamps are used to join pieces together. Sanding wooden surfaces and finishing items with veneer, paint, or polish.

6. Family Physician

Doctors of all types are still in high demand across Canada, with family doctors in particular being in high demand as the population ages. It takes years of training to become a family physician, but the high salary you’ll receive will help you pay off your student loans quickly.

7. Department Manager

Department managers are in charge of a business division’s operations and efficiency. Recruiting and firing employees, identifying and working toward strategic departmental objectives, and overseeing a departmental budget are among their primary duties.

Department managers may need to empower and encourage their employees to perform at their highest, which will necessitate excellent communicative and interpersonal skills.

8. Merchandise Associate

Merchandise associates look after a store’s front-end operations. They are in charge of keeping a safe atmosphere as well as sorting the merchandise. Customers communicate with merchandise associates on a regular basis, answering their questions and assisting them with tasks as appropriate.

To be a good Merchandise Associate, you must have a positive mindset and enjoy coordinating and arranging merchandise in order to have excellent customer service. In addition, the ideal candidate would be a good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

9. Assistant Team Leader

Assistant team leaders help the team leader hire, train, and supervise employees and sales teams. This involves assigning specific job tasks to employees and evaluating their results.

Assistant team leaders are in charge of maintaining the company property both inside and out visually pleasing to clients and customers. This involves keeping the property clean and organised, as well as displaying promotional materials in an appealing manner. Employee and personal appearance are often monitored by assistant team leaders to ensure that they meet business expectations.