Montmagny Jobs Near Me

Montmagny is the administrative centre of the Montmagny Regional County Municipality in Quebec’s Chaudière-Appalaches province. It is the county seat, with a population of 11,491 people according to the 2011 Canadian Census. The city was built more than 350 years ago on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River, east of Quebec City.

The International Accordion Festival takes place in September, and the Festival of the Snow Geese takes place in October. It is known as Canada’s Snow Goose Capital. Charles de Montmagny, the first governor of New France, was honoured with the city’s name. Montmagny served as the county seat of Montmagny County.


The manufacturing sector is the economy’s backbone. Whirlpool, however, closed its operations on May 13, 2004, resulting in the loss of 600 jobs in the area. The city has recovered since that time. For decades, the textile industry has also provided jobs. The economy includes a post-secondary school, The Centre d’études collégiales de Montmagny, a hospital, Hôtel-Dieu de Montmagny, and a provincial prison

1. Industrial mechanic

Inspection and calibration of machinery is the responsibility of industrial mechanics to ensure that it runs as well as possible. Large computers are troubleshot, repaired, and transported by them. They also test, manage, and repair industrial machinery and equipment to make sure it is still operational. Industrial mechanics earn an average of $45,000 a year, or $21 per hour.

2. Factory Worker

Factory workers are responsible for a number of duties, including product selection, sorting, and packaging, as well as operating machines and monitoring progress to ensure it complies with regulatory requirements. After the items have been assembled, factory workers sort and stack them before loading them into crates for shipment.

3. Premium Banker

The role of a premium banker is to attract new customers by learning about their financial needs and offering excellent service. This involves receiving customer references as well as supporting consumer-friendly products and services.

4.  Account Executive

The job of an account executive is something which is in quite a demand these days in Canada.  So, as an Account Executive, also known as an account handler, you’ll act as a key link between an advertising agency and its clients. In this sales role, you’ll define your client’s goals and then organise the agency’s innovative and administrative resources to help them achieve their goals.

5.  Product Manager

Both product creation and marketing are under the purview of the Product Manager. This requires overseeing the product throughout its lifecycle, gathering and prioritising product and customer specifications, creating the product vision, and collaborating closely with engineers. The job of a production manager is pretty popular in Montmagny, Quebec. Chances of you being successful in this field are quite strong if you are someone who loves this job.

6. Data Scientist

Through extrapolating and sharing these findings, data scientists assist businesses in solving difficult problems. Data scientists combine computer science, modelling, statistics, analytics, and math skills with sound business judgement to find answers to big questions that help businesses make objective decisions.

7.  Truck driver

Are you someone who loves driving? How does it sound to make a living out of your passion for driving? Well, you would be responsible for transporting goods in heavy trucks from one location to another as a truck driver. You will also be in charge of ensuring that goods are delivered to consumers in a secure and timely manner. 

You’ll need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and experience in driving and procedures to work as a truck driver. So, if you want to make a career in this field, then you must apply for this job. 

8. Post Office Assistant 

As a post office assistant, one of your day-to-day duties can include selling financial products and services to meet deadlines. One of my duties is to sell stamps and to deal with letters and parcels. Pensions and health benefits are distributed.

9.  Safety Manage

The safety manager will be responsible for developing and maintaining an industry-leading safety culture that encourages continuous improvement in environmental safety and health while adhering to federal, state, and company regulations. All Environmental Safety and Health programs are developed, implemented, and managed by this individual.