Murdochville Jobs Near Me

Murdochville is a town in Quebec, Canada, and one of the Gaspé Peninsula’s few inland communities. It has a population of 764 people (as of 2011). Murdochville is 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of L’Anse-Pleureuse and 93 kilometres (58 miles) west of Gaspé, in the geographic township of Holland. It is located at a height of 535 metres (1,755 feet) above sea level, surrounded by high mountains.

Murdochville has a warm, humid continental climate during the summer. Summers are mild and brief, while winters are long and, at times, bitterly cold, with heavy snowfall. The short summers, on the other hand, are mild enough to hold September (the fourth warmest month) just above the humid continental climate’s 10 °C (50 °F) isotherm.


The Canadian and Quebec governments understand the value of providing good recreational facilities that allow people to live healthier lifestyles and make communities become lively, inclusive places to live. The City of Baie-D’Urfé is renovating some of its sports facilities thanks to joint government support, which will improve residents’ quality of life while also leading to the development of recreational activities and long-term community prosperity.

Baie-D’Urfé has a high quality of life that reflects its extraordinary culture. The Town’s strong financial position attempts to lower tax burdens, and the growing value of residential properties make Baie-D’Urfé homes a wise investment. 

1.  Physiotherapy Assistant

Occupational and physical therapy assistants are also present at this time. Outpatient treatment models have been adopted by hospitals to open up beds, and occupational therapy and physiotherapy are also offered as part of this strategy.

2.  Quality Assurance Technician

A good HR Assistant should be well-versed in all HR responsibilities as well as how human resources functions. Technicians in quality assurance (QA) ensure that the organization’s and customers’ quality expectations are met. They perform quality inspections, inspection reports, calibrate equipment, and transmit test results under the supervision of the quality assurance manager.

3. Customer Support Agent 

A customer service representative’s primary responsibility is to respond to and answer customer issues in a timely and effective manner. Customers are contacted through a variety of platforms, including phone, email, and social media, and customer service representatives ensure that all legitimate customer questions are promptly answered.

4. Warehouse Shipping Clerk 

Warehouse shipping clerks process incoming deliveries. They are in charge of overseeing deliveries from start to finish and keeping track of their progress. They intend to deliver their goods to consumers as carefully and quickly as possible, as they are familiar with correct packaging methods and shipping best practices.

5.  Immigration Consultant

The field of immigration is quite popular in Canada due to the huge demand of immigrants coming to the country for study and work purposes. This automatically raises the need of more immigration consultants. An immigration consultant helps people emigrate from one country to another by guiding them through the legal and paperwork process in order to increase their chances of being approved for study, employment, travel, or business.  

6.  Administration Technician

Administrative technicians often work in offices and are in charge of a number of technical, administrative, and clerical tasks, such as providing front-line customer service, running multi-line telephone networks, delivering mail, filing papers, retrieving legal case records, and storing and purchasing supplies.

7. Manufacturing Manager

Manufacturing managers are responsible for overseeing plant employees and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In manufacturing plants, they typically supervise the production of goods such as electronics, automobiles, machinery, and packaging.

8. Call Center Agent

Are you the one who loves talking to new people? Do you like resolving their issues? Well, if yes, then the job of a call center agent might be perfect for you. As a call center agent, you will have to take orders from clients, answering queries and concerns, troubleshooting problems, providing statistics, and addressing complaints regarding the company’s goods and services are all part of a call centre agent’s job description.

9. Personal Banking Associate

Personal bankers work in retail banking branches, assisting customers with a variety of banking and financial concerns. These conditions include opening checking and savings accounts, obtaining mortgage and auto loans, and investing in financial instruments such as certificates of deposit (CDs), capital markets, and other commercial banking items.