Neuville Jobs Near Me

Neuville is a village in Quebec, Canada, located on the north bank of the Saint Lawrence River, just west of Quebec City. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Portneuf Regional County Municipality. It was established in 1684 and is still beautiful. By 1850, Antoine Plamondon (c. 1804–1895), a 19th-century artist, had moved here with his mother, brother, and uncle. He spent the rest of his life, over 40 years, here. The marina in Neuville is ideal for pleasure sailboats and yachts.


In 1653, Jean de Lauson granted the area as a seigneurie to Jean Bourdon de Saint-Jean (ca. 1601–1668) for his uncle, architect, surveyor, cartographer, and the sovereign’s Attorney General, Jean-François Bourdon de Dombourg (1647–1690). The Dombourg Seigneurie was purchased by Nicolas Dupont de Neuville (1632–1716) in 1680, and the seigneurie was renamed Neuville after that.

The Village Municipality of Neuville and the Parish Municipality of Pointe-aux-Trembles reunited once more on December 18, 1996, to create the new City of Neuville.

1. Educational Consultant

Analyzing current curricula, administrative procedures, teaching materials and practises, and collaborating with staff to develop them would be among the duties of the Educational Consultant. You may also be asked to observe classes, review student work, and write papers.

To be effective as an Educational Consultant, you must understand all of the variables that influence the learning process and be able to spot possible curriculum flaws. Candidates should be able to critique rather than criticise and function well in groups.

2. Delivery Driver

It is an entry-level position to work as a delivery driver. It is the responsibility of this job to deliver various things to various addresses as assigned. It also entails tasks such as collecting payments as required and keeping track of all deliveries.

Someone who enjoys customer service makes a good Delivery Driver. This allows them to deliver shipments on time while still taking care of them. They should also be physically fit enough to carry and manoeuvre large packages without difficulty or risk of injury.

3.  Production planning manager

A production planning manager is responsible for creating production schedules that are within the company’s budget and deadlines. It is their responsibility to define production requirements and establish goals and guidelines that will direct employees toward a smooth and effective workflow.

4. Housekeeping attendant

As a housekeeping attendant, you will be in charge of the hotel’s cleaning and maintenance. You’ll be cleaning the hallways, dining area, and banquet halls in addition to the guest rooms. It is your responsibility to provide outstanding room service and ensure customer loyalty.

5. Assistant warehouse manager

An assistant warehouse manager is in charge of the warehouse’s day-to-day operations, such as shipping, receiving, repairs, inventory, and employee scheduling. For upper management, complete detailed warehouse efficiency reports. Organize new employee training and make sure that existing workers continue to receive training.

6. Merchandising Store Associate

Merchandising associates ensure that everything is stocked and merchandised in the most appealing, easy-to-find manner possible, so that our consumers can find what they need, when they need it, with the least amount of fuss and irritation possible.

7. Administrative Store Support 

Administrative assistant roles and tasks include providing administrative help to ensure the office runs smoothly. Supports administrators and staff with a range of organisational and communication roles. He/ she is also an incharge of time-sensitive information. 

8. Flight Dispatcher

Flight dispatchers coordinate all operations on the ground at an airport to ensure that aircraft are turned around safely, quickly, and efficiently from the time they arrive to the time they depart. Turn around coordinators (TCOs) or load controllers are other names for them. They normally operate in the airline’s operations centre. The flight dispatcher and the aircraft commander share legal responsibility in the United States and Canada (joint responsibility dispatch system).

9. Client Advisor

Service Advisors are the firm’s most seasoned advisors who are in charge of managing the client relationship. The job entails maintaining current client relationships as well as developing and implementing advice. Client Advisors collaborate with and train other employees in the delivery of client services.

A bachelor’s degree and professional certification are required to work as a private client advisor. A bachelor’s degree in banking, accounting, or a similar field will help you get started in this field.