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Pont-Rouge is a city in southern Quebec, Canada, located along the Jacques-Cartier River. The population was 8,723 people according to the 2011 census in Canada. When it comes to the city’s history, the first attempts to colonise the area were made around 1769. The parish of Sainte-Jeanne-de-Neuville was formed on April 15, 1867, by the archbishop of Quebec, Charles-François Baillargeon, by joining sections of Cap-Santé, Saint-Basile, and Neuville.

Following the 1911 separation of the parish (the village of Pont-Rouge and the parish of Sainte-Jeanne-de-Pont-Rouge), the two municipalities merged on January 3, 1996 to form the new City of Pont-Rouge.

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1. Le Chemin de La Liseuse

2. Moulin Marcoux

3. Maison Dery

1. Concierge

What is the role of a Concierge? Concierges serve as the first point of contact for visitors and businesses. They are in charge of responding to guest inquiries, directing phone calls, arranging travel arrangements, and more. They must still maintain company culture while making visitors feel comfortable and respected. The ideal candidate would have a calm demeanour, enjoy networking with customers, and possess strong communication abilities (written and verbal).

2. Dressmaker 

Dressmakers create made-to-measure garments for their clients, such as shirts, skirts, trousers, and blouses. They also operate small, independent businesses that specialise in a specific style of clothing, such as bridal gowns. Taking measurements, modifying an existing pattern, or creating a new pattern for the client are all part of the job.

3. Janitor

An individual who cleans and maintains buildings is known as a janitor, custodian, porter, cleaner, or caretaker. The primary duty of a janitor is to sweep. One of the most widely outsourced services is cleaning. While janitors and building cleaners spend the majority of their time indoors, they do work outside on occasion. Since office buildings are typically cleaned while they are empty, the majority of the janitorial staff works in the evening.

4. Planning and Research Officer

Corporate planning, performance improvement, organisational growth and structure strengthening, and analysis are all responsibilities of this role. Contribute to the preparation of quarterly, half-yearly, and annual progress reports for distribution to development partners and stakeholders.

5. Housekeeping Attendant

You will answer directly to the housekeeping boss as a housekeeping attendant. You will be in charge of cleaning and maintaining a specific location, such as offices, hallways, dining areas, and banquet halls. You should also be prepared to offer appropriate services to visitors when following all policies and procedures. It is your responsibility to provide outstanding room service and ensure customer loyalty.

6. Lab Technician 

Lab technicians, also known as research technicians, perform routine technical activities and tests in support of laboratory-based scientific investigations. Lab technicians examine samples or substances using laboratory equipment, perform experiments on certain samples or substances, and report on their results.

7. Loss Prevention Officers

Loss Prevention Officers are primarily responsible for preventing fraud in retail stores. To do so, they usually keep an eye on security cameras and walk around the store, monitoring customers as quietly as possible. Loss Prevention Officers should not wear uniforms because of this. They must also arrest shoplifters and collaborate with police to prosecute them.

8. Production Clerk

Parts, warehousing, and inventory control processes are all handled by production clerks. Those who choose this career path will be responsible for reviewing and disseminating production, job, and shipping schedules, as well as conferring with department managers to assess work progress and completion dates.

9. Production Operator

In a factory or other similar institution, a production operator is in charge of managing and controlling manufacturing equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time. Aside from helping with the sorting and storage of products, a manufacturing operator must also check the machine or machinery they are using to ensure that it is in good working order and safe to operate.

10. Water Treatment Plant Operator

An operator for a water treatment plant is someone who works in a water treatment plant. Water is pumped from rivers, wells, streams, and reservoirs to water treatment plants, where it is given to customers. A water treatment plant operator is in charge of operating the facilities, controlling the procedures, and monitoring the water treatment plants.