Richmond Jobs Near Me

Richmond is a town nestled amidst rolling farmlands on the Saint-François River between Sherbrooke and Drummondville, in the heart of Estrie in Quebec, Canada, with a population of 3,232 (2016). Richmond is one of the most business-friendly cities in the country. This is a decent place to live, according to famous city rankings, with high scores in housing, environmental quality, and internet access.


Richmond is one of the oldest settlements in the former area of the Eastern Townships, having been established in 1798 by colonists from New England, Montreal, and the Richelieu River valley. During the 1800s, Richmond grew in importance as a major railway junction.

The St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad began service between Montreal and Portland, Maine, on April 4, 1853, and was acquired by the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) four months later. Two years later, the GTR opened a line connecting Montreal and Quebec City from the mainline in Richmond northeast to Lévis.

The line was finally extended east to Rivière-du-Loup, where it was connected to the Intercolonial Railway, which ran trains on the GTR via Richmond to Montreal until 1897. However, since the 1930s, Richmond’s importance has waned as the railways have played a smaller role in the economy.

The climate in Richmond is humid continental, as is typical of southern Quebec. Year-round precipitation is high, resulting in hot to humid summers and long, snowy winters. As is typical of the North American interior, there is a large temperature differential between seasons, with July highs of 25.8 °C (78.4 °F) and January highs of 4.9 °C (23.2 °F).

Average Salary

The average annual wage in Richmond, Canada is $37,050, or $19 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $29,525 a year, with the most experienced staff earning up to $68,250 a year.

Employment Options

1. Landscape Architect

A landscape architect is a professional who designs and constructs beautiful outdoor spaces. Master planning, site planning, landscape design, project management, and execution are all areas where the profession focuses. Residential, neighbourhood parks and golf courses, as well as regional recreation, environmental, transportation, educational, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects, can vary in size from small to large.

2. Copywriter

The main duty of a copywriter is to write copy for customers. You can only compose for one business as an in-house copywriter; however, you can write for a variety of clients and on a variety of subjects as a freelance copywriter. Proofreading is a necessary skill for any copywriter.

3. Freelance Video Editor

What is the definition of a freelance video editor? A video editor’s primary responsibility is to compile raw captured footage into a convincing final product. They are in charge of making crucial artistic choices during post-production, combining video with audio, visuals, and effects to convey a consistent narrative or message.

4. Art Therapist

Patients are guided through the creative process by art therapists, who encourage them to connect with their emotions and explore the thinking patterns that underpin them. Meeting patients or customers, as well as planning tasks and meetings, are typical responsibilities.

5. Client Advisor

The main responsibilities of this role include marketing to profile clients and advisors, developing insurance services expertise through daily contact/meetings with clients, partners, and advisors, and providing sales support for insurance cases.

A Client Advisor’s primary responsibilities include promoting the business, recommending goods and services, responding to client inquiries, referring clients to a senior if necessary, and reporting to supervisors. Customer service, a polite and approachable demeanour, product awareness, reporting, and teamwork are all important job specifications, according to our set of resume samples in the sector.

6. Content Writer

A content writer’s role is to write content for businesses that offers information or highlights their goods or services. Content writers often study the information they need to write each article or product description in order to create content that accurately represents company values. They work closely with a content manager and clients to write in accordance with the editorial style of the business. A successful writer works independently and meets deadlines on a regular basis.

7. Account Executive

You’ll serve as a vital connection between an advertising agency and its clients as an Account Executive, also known as an account handler. In this sales role, you’ll work to identify your client’s objectives and then organise the agency’s creative and administrative personnel to assist them in producing successful campaigns.