Saint-Basile-le-Grand Jobs Near Me

Saint-Basile-le-Grand is a community in the Richelieu Regional County Municipality of La Vallée-du-Richelieu in southwestern Quebec, Canada. According to the 2011 Canadian Census, the population was 16,736. Saint-Basile-le-Grand, located in the Richelieu Valley between the river and the mountains, is a vibrant and friendly city marked by accomplishments that bring honour to its community.

In August 1988, Saint-Basile-le-Grand made headlines when a warehouse containing PCBs (see Persistent Organic Pollutants) exploded, resulting in a burning inferno. A significant portion of the population was forced to flee due to the environmental catastrophe. The town was once again plunged into chaos when the great ice storm of 1998 triggered a weeks-long power outage.

The name Saint-Basile has little to do with the Bishop of Caesarea in the 4th century, except that a farmer named Basile Daigneault was named after the patron saint. Daigneault was the first mayor of Saint-Basile-le-Grand when it became a parish municipality in 1871. He also gave the church the plot of land on which it was constructed in 1876.


1. Optometric Technician 

Depending on the location of employment, an optometric technician performs a number of tasks. An optometric technician supports an optometrist by performing administrative tasks and helping with visual acuity research. An optometric technician assists in the production of lenses and the construction of glasses in a laboratory environment.

You must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to be a good optometric technician. You should be careful and detail-oriented, with a strong desire to fix and maintain glasses and ocular equipment.

2. Locksmith

Locksmiths, also known as lock specialists, are in charge of all forms of installing and maintaining locking systems such as building door and window locks, car door and ignition locks, locks on combination safes and desks, and electronic access control devices.

3. Logistics Clerk

Logistics clerks are responsible for handling the clerical aspects of delivering goods for businesses. These employees foster good customer relations and ensure that their employers’ resources are used efficiently by focusing on the prompt and correct delivery of orders. Logistics clerks typically work full-time in offices and warehouses, but they may be required to work overtime or be available by phone outside of regular business hours to handle distribution issues. Clerks are always supervised by a logistics manager.

4. Operations Coordinator

An Operations Coordinator is in charge of the day-to-day tasks that ensure the smooth operation of business processes and functions. Excellent organisational, time management, and project tracking skills, as well as good communication skills, are required for this role.

5. Lawn Care Technician

The flora and fauna of designated areas are preserved by lawn care technicians. Usually, lawn care technicians operate alone, while teams can be mobilised to maintain vast areas of property. To succeed as a lawn care technician, you must be careful, nurturing, and well-versed in the subject of vegetation. Finally, an excellent lawn care technician will work to safeguard our fauna.

6. Financial Controller

Financial controllers are in charge of overseeing day-to-day accounting operations, integrating finance systems, planning and budgeting, tax matters, financial statements preparation, and maintaining organisational financial flexibility.

The effective financial controller should be able to streamline our accounting roles and activities, provide financial analyses and reports, train staff on business finance issues, encourage regulatory enforcement, and increase revenue generation.

7. Technical Program Manager 

In the IT industry, technical programme managers are in charge of putting product creation ideas into action. Contributing technical experience to product creation, coordinating the development of emerging technology with IT engineers, and ensuring timely product delivery are only a few of their responsibilities. They would even have to keep track of software output metrics.

You should have good leadership skills and vast experience in technical programme management in a similar industry to succeed as a technical programme manager. To foster product creativity, top-tier technical programme managers combine their corporate experience with technological skills.

8. Shipping and Receiving Clerk

In a warehouse, a shipping/receiving clerk is responsible for keeping accurate records, documenting inventory levels, and overseeing all aspects of shipping and receiving. They package goods, print labels, weigh packages, and decide acceptable postage on the shipping side. You must be able to inspect packages with great attention to detail and be in good physical shape to raise and carry heavy objects to be effective as a receiving clerk.

9. Associate Project Manager

Associate project managers prepare, coordinate, and manage enterprise resources to ensure that projects are completed successfully and in accordance with strategic and operational objectives.