Saint-Basile Jobs Near Me

Saint-Basile is a municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec, located in the Portneuf Regional County Municipality. Saint-Basile is a city in the beautiful MRC de Portneuf area of Quebec, whose mission is to provide high-quality municipal services tailored to the needs of its residents. For the growth of its population, the City of Saint-Basile relies on the creation of favourable, reliable, and, above all, creative conditions.

The city of Saint-Basile is known for its diverse agricultural climate, which includes cultivated land, maple stands, and dairy cattle ranches, all of which are especially prevalent in the MRC de Portneuf’s Portneuf field. Saint-Basile owes its growth to farming, which is still the town’s primary occupation, to which was added a thriving industrial operation in 1947 with the creation of the Ciment Québec company, which now occupies a considerable amount of urbanised land south of the Portneuf river.


In recent years, the city of Saint-Basile has experienced strong demographic and economic development. Saint-Basile is in the heart of the MRC de Portneuf and has easy and convenient access to transportation infrastructure due to its geographic position.

The reorganisation of the former municipalities of Saint-Basile-Sud and Saint-Basile parish, which took place at the start of the year 2000, gave rise to a new dynamic. According to census data from the Institut de la statistique du Québec, the city of Saint-Basile has a population of 2,624 residents.

Agriculture is Saint-primary Basile’s occupation, and it has helped the town to grow significantly. A wide area of urbanised space is occupied by the Ciment-Québec business, which is situated south of the village center. This business has made a significant contribution to the municipality’s development.

1. Content Developer

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2.  Shipping Officer

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3. Recreation Director

The recreational programmes of public and private parks, sports fields, community centres, and other organizations are overseen by a Recreation Director. They plan, organise, and direct sports and fitness-related activities, programs, and services. This includes supervising coaches and other event participants, as well as publicity and financial management for the programs.

4. Social Media Manager

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5. Research Assistant

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6. Event Assistant 

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7.  Landscape Architect

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8. Freelance Video Editor

What is a freelance video editor’s definition? The primary responsibility of a video editor is to assemble raw recorded footage into a compelling final product. They’re in control of mixing video with audio, graphics, and effects to convey a coherent narrative or message during post-production.