Saint-Cesaire Jobs Near Me

Saint-Césaire is a city in the Rouville Regional County Municipality of Quebec, Canada. It is located in the Montérégie district. According to the 2011 Census of Canada, the population was 5,686. Saint-median Césaire’s household income is 11% lower than the national average.

Saint-Césaire has a 59 percent lower unemployment rate than the national average. In terms of wages, 12.9 percent of Saint-Césaire residents receive between $80,000 and $100,000. In addition, 0.3 percent of the population earns $300,000 or more.


1. Purchasing Coordinator

Purchasing coordinators provide purchasing support to bases or roles as required for both direct and indirect procurement needs, and are in charge of completing the entire Purchase-to-Pay cycle for their assigned responsibility. They also monitor supplier performance to ensure that company requirement are followed, as well as identify areas where the overall cost of procured products or services and/or supplier performance can be improved.

2. Management Trainee

Management trainees are often rotated through various company departments (e.g., finance, sales, marketing, and so on) in order to understand all of the company’s operations, strategies, and staff responsibilities. They aid in strategic planning and performance evaluation of employees and departments (e.g. analyzing, writing reports). To be effective as a Management Trainee, you must have exceptional attention to detail and the ability to spot problems quickly. Candidates with exceptional teamwork, problem-solving, and interpersonal abilities will be considered.

3. Supply Chain Analyst

Since their workdays are always fast-paced, Supply Chain Analysts must be able to cope with stress and multi-task effectively. This role will continue to be needed due to the need to transport goods across a global market, though job growth will be slower than in other industries.

During daily business hours, the majority of people in this sector work in an office setting. Supply Chain Analysts often collaborate with Supply Chain Managers, Planners, and Purchasing Managers, and report to the Director of Supply Chain Management’s Senior Supply Chain Manager.

4. Note-taker

Since notes are such important resources for learning and revision, the work of a Notetaker is critical. To provide an accurate and complete account of the information communicated in lectures or classes where taking notes is needed. To ensure that the notes are clear and complete.

5. Operations Representative

A professional image of the organisation is expected of an operations representative. An operations representative assists the operations manager and conducts the tasks assigned to them; responds to customer inquiries and maintains a customer database on a regular basis; manages office communications independently; and assists the operations manager in dealing with client financial queries.

6. Purchasing Clerk

Purchasing clerks order supplies and raw materials to finance company and purchasing department operations. They provide administrative support and maintain inventory and purchase records during the procurement process, reporting directly to a purchasing supervisor or buyer. Many purchasing clerks are often involved in vendor relationship management, which involves finding cost-cutting opportunities to help their business meet its profit goals.

7. Assistant Project Manager

Assistant project managers help project managers with project preparation and scheduling, carry on managerial responsibilities, and handle certain project components separately. You must be able to complete all tasks assigned by the project manager in a timely and efficient manner as an assistant project manager. An excellent assistant project manager should be able to keep track of all project activities, identify any problems, and ensure that they are resolved as soon as possible.

8. Site Acquisition Specialist

Site Acquisition Specialists work in the telecommunications sector, where they perform tasks such as zoning telecommunication sites, negotiating lease contracts, acting as a community liaison, reading building plans, reporting on-site acquisition to management, and adhering to federal, state, and local legal specifications.

Minor administrative duties, such as arranging meetings, running errands, and answering calls, can be assigned, as well as more creative or complex tasks, such as stretching canvases, assisting with artwork, and maintaining the creator’s social media and web presence.

9. Document Controller

Information Controllers are in charge of managing and overseeing records for a project or an entire company. They ensure that the correct records are produced and signed, that all data is reliable, and that documents are preserved and backed up in accordance with any retention policies. Data controllers can be part of a document team or the single person in charge of the organization’s documentation services.

10. Image Services Representative 

The Image Services Representative is responsible for ensuring that mail is handled properly and effectively, as well as categorization, scanning, and data completion of documents. This role will alternate between sorting mail (both physical and electronic), preparing documents, scanning documents, and data entry on a regular basis.