Saint-Colomban Jobs Near Me

Saint-Colomban is a city in the La Rivière-du-Nord federal county municipality in Québec, Canada. It was named after Saint Columbanus and is located in the Laurentides region of Québec. The priest John Falvey, who built the parish and preached to the first parishioners, was a pioneer in the development of the village. Mr. Justice Emmett Hall, a Supreme Court of Canada justice generally regarded as one of the fathers of Medicare, was also born in Saint-Colomban.

With a population that has more than doubled since 2002, Saint-Colomban is one of Quebec’s fastest-growing cities. It is expected to exceed 20,000 in the next ten years, according to Lalande. Irish immigrants founded the area. In Saint-Colomban, big houses — and larger-than-average families — have plenty of space. According to the Institut de la statistique du Québec, the average age of newcomers in the city is just over 36, and in 2018, 211 babies were born here.


The median asking price in Saint-Colomban is $259,000, which is up from $279,900 just three months earlier. Although the median price in Quebec is $224,900, Saint-Colomban has a median price that is $259,000 higher than the rest of the province. This month, the most common property on the market in the province has three bedrooms, while the most common property in this neighbourhood has three.

There are 1047 neighbourhoods in Quebec that currently have more properties for sale than Saint-Colomban, putting the neighbourhood in the top 20% when it comes to the number of options. Saint-Colomban has a 39 percent lower unemployment rate than the national average.

1. Work Management Clerk

The role of a work management clerk is to gather and organise all documents and papers in a logical manner. The records room will provide you with the documents and reports you need. To organise and coordinate with all departments when handling paperwork. It is essential to organise databases for various records, surveys, and documents.

2. Database Administrator 

As a database administrator, you will be responsible for the database’s efficiency, integrity, and security (DBA). You’ll help organise and implement the database, as well as troubleshoot any issues that occur on behalf of the users. You’ll double-check the database’s data for consistency.

3.  Interior Designer

An interior designer’s main job is to come up with innovative concepts and conceptualise projects while keeping the feeling of a specific location in mind. The next step is for them to bring their ideas and concepts into effect. The two most critical aspects of this business are drawing skills and a sense of imagination.

4. Academic advisor

An academic counsellor works with students in secondary and post-secondary education. The advisor’s responsibilities include maintaining careful track of a student’s academic progress and consulting with them on a regular basis to provide guidance and suggestions on how to effectively complete a degree programme.

5. Plant Maintenance Technician

Plant maintenance technicians perform preventive maintenance on plant equipment, machinery, and related services. Policies and procedures are interpreted, clarified, and implemented by the department. They also diagnose, troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair malfunctioning equipment while safely and efficiently operating a range of maintenance equipment.

6. Cosmetologist

If you enjoy make-up, fashion, or styling, then a career as a cosmetologist is ideal for you. Cosmetologists play an important part in the cosmetics industry. Customers will get hair, nail, and makeup services from them. Hair shaping and cutting, manicures and facials, and makeup application and removal are all included. Some cosmetologists include hair waxing, skin care, laser hair removal, and even massage therapy.

7. Fashion advisor

Do you think of yourself as a fashionista who follows the latest trends? Do you want to start a career in management? It’s now or never for you to shine! The store manager is in charge of overseeing the key holder. His job is to put customers at ease, listen to their needs, and instil trust so that they have a good experience.

8. Member Service Representative

Member service representatives are responsible for receiving and addressing requests, complaints, demands, and grievances from members and prospective members over the phone or in writing. As a member service representative, you’ll need good customer service skills and a willingness to connect with people. A great customer service representative should be able to provide excellent member service and respond to questions and complaints in a polite and timely manner.