Saint-Félicien Jobs Near Me

Saint-Félicien is a city in the province of Quebec in Canada. In the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean district, the town is part of the Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality. It has a population of 10,477 people as of 2006.


The first settlers from Charlevoix and Chicoutimi arrived in 1864, forming the city. It was incorporated as a municipality in 1882 and a parish in 1884, before merging in 1976 to form a district. In addition to hunting, fishing, and dairy, agriculture and saw wood were the most important economic activities in the area. The area was first served by the railroad in 1917. Beginning in the 1970s, wood pulp became a significant contributor to the local economy.

As part of a municipal reorganisation in the city, the municipalities of Saint-Methode and Saint-Felicien were merged in 1996.

The municipality’s main attraction is the 485-acre (1.96 km2) wildlife zoo, which opened in 1960. The polar bear, Arctic fox, Canada goose, snowy owl, Canada lynx, American black bear, grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, American bison, and black-tailed prairie dog are among the 80 species included at the attraction. Until 1994, the zoo housed a variety of tropical animals, but now it is almost entirely made up of boreal species. The zoo has recently acquired animal species from all over the world that live in boreal climates, including the Siberian tiger, Japanese macaque, red-crowned crane, and Bactrian camel.

A Tourist Place

Saint-Félicien, which is bordered by three magnificent rivers and the stunning Lac Saint-Jean, offers a diverse range of natural and tourist attractions. Hiking trails and viewing areas abound for nature enthusiasts. Cycling enthusiasts may take advantage of well-known mountain bike paths, as well as a circuit that connects the Véloroute des Bluets (Blueberry Bike Route) and the Wild Zoo.

Take in the outdoor sound-and-light display as the sun sets. Eau, son, and lumière, or see a performance by a local artist. In the winter, go sliding at Tobo-Ski or walk and skate on the frozen river in Village Boréal. Saint-Félicien is a great place to take the boys!

Employment Opportunities

1. Dog Handler Internship

Will you adore dogs? Do you love spending time with dogs and feel the need to unplug and reconnect with nature and the desire to appreciate the simple things in life? If that’s the case, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Food, washing, watering, enclosure upkeep, brushing, wellbeing screening, dog exercise, and record-keeping will all be included as part of the internship. You’ll also be expected to assist with the preparation of dogs for outings.

2. Customer Support Analyst

Customer experience analysts are in charge of analysing customer service data and trends for their clients. Analyze customer service data to identify patterns and opportunities. Troubleshoot customer problems, explain safety procedures, and prescribe maintenance.

3. Cashier Student

As a store colleague, you will have an immediate effect on sales and customer loyalty because your job will be to provide excellent customer service and ensure that all items are accurately scanned. Promotions, services, and managing product displays are all part of the job. This may be one of the good jobs available to students.

4. Data Analyst

A data analyst is a person who uses data analysis software to analyse data. The meaningful conclusions they extract from raw data assist their employers or clients in making strategic decisions by identifying various facts and trends. Extraction of data using sophisticated computerised models is one of the most common responsibilities.

5. Food services manager

A food service manager is in charge of coordinating the preparation of food and beverage facilities while delegating key responsibilities to supervisors. They are responsible for ensuring that customers have a pleasant dining experience and that the restaurant remains profitable.

6.  Production Labourer

Production workers assist in packaging, welding, and assembly in a number of industries. While this job title can refer to a broad variety of manufacturing and production activities, the majority of production workers work on a production or assembly line, producing parts and products that are eventually delivered to customers. Production workers are normally organised into groups, each of whom is responsible for a specific aspect of a larger project.

7. Billing Specialist

Billing experts, who administer and report all of the company’s invoices, are usually in charge of accounts payable. Their main goal is to make sure that customers are accurately charged and that all payments are monitored on a daily basis. Billing Specialists are critical to a company’s financial security.

8.  Executive secretary

An executive secretary’s duties include managing the executive’s agenda and assisting in the preparation of appointments, board meetings, and conferences, to name a few. Minutes must be taken and meetings must be attended. Receiving and tracking incoming calls, as well as rerouting them when necessary.