Saint-Jérôme Jobs Near Me

Saint-Jérôme is a suburban city on the Rivière du Nord, some 45 kilometres (28 miles) northwest of Montreal. The Autoroute des Laurentides connects the town to the Laurentian Mountains and their resorts. Saint Jerome, a church father best known for translating the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin, is the town’s name. The Vulgate is the name given to his translation. With its diverse natural attractions and high quality of life, it’s no surprise that the area has had the province’s largest population boom since 1991.


The city’s beauty comes from its cultural and historical attractions. The Cathedral of St-Jérôme, which was completed in 1900 and includes a 3025-pipe organ, is one of the most impressive structures in the city. The Laurentian Museum of Contemporary Art, the largest museum north of Montreal, is also worth a visit.

A market near the Place de la Gare in the city centre serves as a meeting point for vegetable producers from all over the area. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as plants, flowers, herbs, maple products, bread and pastries, are available from April to the end of November in this lively and pleasant place.

The present-day city of Saint-Jérôme was granted as the seignory of Augmentation des Mille-Iles by the marquis de la Jonquière, governor of New France, in 1752. The Dumont and Lefebvre de Bellefeuille families, who lived in Saint-Eustache, 25 kilometres (16 miles) to the south, owned the seignory from the 1760s to the 1840s. The farmland was provided to colonists mostly from the area north of Montreal by the Dumont and Lefebvre. Dumontville was the name given to the new town at the time.

From 1868 until his death in 1891, François-Xavier-Antoine Labelle, a Roman Catholic priest and the great “coloniser” (promoter of settlement) of the north of Montreal, was in charge of the pastoral administration of Saint-Jérôme. He had a railway constructed connecting Saint-Jérôme and Montreal eight years after his arrival.

In 2002, the municipalities of Bellefeuille (2006 census population 15,866), Saint-Antoine (2001 population 11,488), and Lafontaine merged to form Saint-Jérôme (2001 population 9,477). The Terrebonne judicial district is headquartered in Saint-Jérôme.

Average Cost Of Living

Saint-Jerome has an average cost of living of $1394, placing it in the top 31% of the world’s most expensive cities. It is ranked 2860th out of 9294 in our global ranking, 78th out of 153 in Canada, and 22nd out of 60 in Quebec State.

The median after-tax income is $2252, which is enough to pay for 1.6 months’ worth of living expenses. In the list of best places to live in the world, it is ranked 2196th (TOP 24 percent), 71st in Canada, and the 17th most liveable city in Quebec State. Saint-Jerome is the 66th largest city in Canada, with a population of 78.8 thousand people.

Affordable Housing

Good news for those who get cold sweats when property prices in big cities rise: Saint-Jérôme has Quebec’s most favourable real estate market. If you choose to buy a new home or rent one, you will be spoiled for choice, regardless of your budget: there is a wide range of housing units, condominiums, and houses of all types available, not to mention the vast suburban lands that are also very affordable.

Job Opportunities Near The City

1. Sound technician

A sound technician is in charge of operating the equipment that records, mixes, and enhances the audio in a movie. Working on set, communicating with producers to meet their sound specifications, and monitoring the recording process, or in post-production, mixing audio with visual content and creating and adjusting sound effects, are all options.

2. E-chat specialist

The role of e-chat specialist, which ranks eighth on the list of high-demand customer service jobs for 2021, is a recent addition to the list. That’s not to say they aren’t important! After the pandemic, there has been a rise in the demand for customer service professionals who can operate remotely.

3. Programme researcher

A programme researcher assists the producers, director, and writers by performing factual and visual analysis to ensure that the film’s content is accurate. They use the internet, film archives, and museum collections to perform their studies. A programme researcher is in charge of obtaining copyright approval for the production’s use of music and literary content.

4. Electrician

Electricity is critical to our way of life in Canada. Licensed electricians design, assemble, place, test, troubleshoot, and repair electrical wiring, fixtures, control systems, and related equipment in buildings and other structures, according to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

5. Health and Safety Advisor

The role of a health advisor is to help with the creation, implementation, and assessment of health and safety programmes. Coach and mentor Operations personnel on the requirements of the Safety Management System. The efficacy of health and safety programmes is evaluated by inspections and evaluations of work environments, equipment, processes, and other practises.