Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel Jobs Near Me

Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel is a town in Montérégie, Quebec, that is part of the Pierre-De-Saurel Regional County Municipality. It is located north of Sorel-Tracy Tracy’s segment. The town’s southern border with Sorel-Tracy is marked by Champlain Street, and the rest of the town is surrounded by water (either Saint Lawrence River or Richelieu River).

Metallurgy plays a major role in the town’s economy, as it does in neighbouring municipalities. The QIT et Titane company, based in Sorel-Tracy, has a facility in the western part of town, while the Les Forges de Sorel company is based in the eastern part. As a result, the town’s central district is the only entirely residential area. According to the 2011 Census of Canada, the population of Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel was 1,677.


Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel is a city whose residents are proud to call it home, and which strives to enhance its quality of life year after year by adding green spaces to make it a pleasant place to live.

Do you want to buy a house for a low price? The average monthly rent in the city is $109,000. This month, investors searching for properties in Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel are most likely to come across two-bedroom houses, with three-bedroom potential investment properties coming in second. If you’re trying to expand your real estate investment portfolio, Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel has less assets on the market than the rest of the province.

The town of Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel sits at the confluence of the Richelieu and Saint-Laurent rivers. Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel is full of wonderful treasures thanks to its 140-year maritime and industrial heritage.

During the summer, you are welcome to visit our beautiful parks and open spaces. You can go to the Pointe-aux-Pins park and have lunch along the water. If you need to cool off, go to Charlemagne-Péloquin Park, which includes a municipal swimming pool and a water games field. Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel is a fun place to live, with residents who are proud of their heritage and dedicated to the future.

Employment Options

1. Hotel Manager

A hotel manager is in charge of all operations and day-to-day activities in a hotel business. They are in charge of a variety of tasks, including accounting, distribution, business expansion, and customer care. This role is also known as a hotel operations manager. To be effective in this position, you must be approachable and detail-oriented, with previous hospitality or management experience. In addition, our ideal candidate would have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Machinists and tool inspectors

Maintenance, repair, and calibration of precision measuring instruments such as dial indicators, fixed gauges, height gauges, and other measuring devices are among the duties of tool inspectors, as are reporting deviations from specifications and tolerances to superiors, holding inspection records, and completing inspection reports. To determine the best sequence of operations, compute dimensions and tolerances, and measure and lay out work components, you’ll need to read and analyse engineering plans, blueprints, charts, and graphs, as well as review sample pieces.

3.  Technical Service Professional 

As a technical service professional, you’ll be in charge of maintaining a secure working environment, instilling a safety culture, and striving for goal zero. Report any incident, near miss, or injury to the chief as soon as possible.

4.  Jr. Mechanical Engineer 

Our Jr. Mechanical Engineer works with our sales team and customers to study and determine the technical aspects of their trailer requirements. You will be responsible for not only pricing and quoting standard and non-standard products, but also providing important technical support to our sales team.

5. Client Service Administrator 

The Client Service Administrator (CSA) is in charge of providing outstanding customer service and is the first point of contact with most of our clients. The CSA is also in charge of assisting the clinic’s Hearing Professionals (HP) as well as the head office with administrative issues.

6. Heritage Technician

The Heritage Technician will collaborate with Collections Staff on exhibit design, research, and repairs, as well as heritage structures, grounds, and gardens. This role will also allow you to collaborate with others to organise special events and programmes.

7. Senior Accountant

Managing all accounting transactions, prompt publication of financial statements, monthly, quarterly, and annual closings, reconciling accounts payable and receivable, ensuring timely bank transfers, managing balance sheets and profit/loss statements, and preserving the organization’s accounting system, papers, and records are all duties of a senior accountant.