Saint-Marc-des-Carrières Jobs Near Me

Saint-Marc-des-Carrières is a township in the Capitale-Nationale region of Quebec, Canada. It is part of the Portneuf Regional County Municipality. Because of its rock quarries, which have played a large part in the local economy, the area has been dubbed the “Rock Capital of Portneuf County.” The quarries are even mentioned in the name.

It’s about midway between Trois-Rivières and Quebec, a few kilometers north of Highway 40. It is centered on two main axes, Boulevard Bona-Dussault and Avenue Principale, as well as a growing number of residential complexes. The city, which has a population of about 2,800 people, satisfies all of today’s demands. The town, which is known as a city of center because of its regional nature, provides a wide range of regional services.

Why is the city good for livelihood?

Services provided by the school to young people are really good

There are a variety of medical services accessible.

Throughout the year, there is a diverse range of recreational activities to choose from.

Service providers who can satisfy all of your requirements

Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, a city of centrality, sparkles on its surroundings, and the municipal authorities cordially encourage anybody interested in settling there to contact them, whether to build a house, start a company, or start an industry.


Welder: Welders are in charge of the machinery that make and repair metal buildings, tools, and equipment. Automotive, construction, and manufacturing are just a few of the areas where these talented people operate. Planning layouts and measurements, as well as testing welded surfaces, are among the other responsibilities.

Team leader: The role of a team leader is to manage and lead a group of workers. Ensures that the staff is aware of the company’s goals, safety procedures, and deadlines. Encourages and evaluates team members’ work. Assists management in hiring and training, as well as keeping them informed about team effectiveness.

Personal Financial Advisor: Individuals’ financial requirements are assessed, and personal financial advisers assist them in making decisions on investments (such as stocks and bonds), tax laws, and insurance. Advisors assist customers in achieving short- and long-term objectives, such as covering educational expenditures and investing for retirement.

Heavy vehicle mechanic: At both the tradesperson and trainee levels, heavy vehicle mechanics diagnose mechanical and electrical defects, revamp machinery, manage and replace hydraulic parts of all types of motors, and replace or repair defective equipment using oxy, electric, TiG, and MiG welding, hand fitting, or machining processes.

Dressmaker: A dressmaker blends the abilities of a seamstress with fashion designers’ creativity and sense of style. Fitting, modifying, and manufacturing made-to-measure clothing according to the particular demands of a customer or manufacturer are typical day-to-day responsibilities.

Mechanic: A mechanic is in charge of examining and repairing cars, lorries, and other machinery. These specialists, often known as service technicians, are in charge of maintenance inspections, inventory management, mechanical component assembly, and repair.

Cook: The cook will make dishes according to the restaurant’s recipes. Preparing materials, sticking to the restaurant menu, and following food health and safety standards are all part of the job description. In a fast-paced workplace, cook, clean, help other cooks and employees and deliver meals.

Cabinetmaker: Cabinetmakers are very accomplished woodworkers. In some areas, they are also known as Bench Carpenters. Fine wooden cabinets, fittings, and furniture are designed, made, repaired, altered, and installed by them.

Sales Advisor: Sales advisers assist clients in making purchases by advising them on appropriate goods that best match their needs. Customers are given product characteristics and advantages explanations, as well as assistance in identifying specific goods on the sales floor and payment processing.

Electro-mechanic: Electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems are installed, repaired, upgraded, and tested by electro-mechanical technicians. They use unmanned, automated, robotic, or electromechanical technology to run, test, and maintain it.

Court clerk: A court clerk is a support person for judges, attorneys, and other court officials in the criminal and civil judicial systems. They are in charge of all secretarial tasks, such as keeping court records, distributing court orders, and drafting promotional materials.

Production Laborer: Production laborers are in place to assure that business and residential floor construction material bundles are assembled correctly.