Saint-Pascal Jobs Near Me

Saint-Pascal is a hamlet in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec, located in the Kamouraska Regional County Municipality. The core of an urban hub with a plethora of amenities is a setting where nature is accessible. Indeed, the city’s area is densely packed with businesses, institutions, administrative facilities, professional services, and retail outlets.

To settle in Saint-Pascal, the city has developed a strategic plan that focuses on families and seniors in order to improve the standard of living for existing and future residents. Saint-Pascal is a city center in the heart of Kamouraska that provides a family-friendly atmosphere. Once a year, a welcome gathering is held for newcomers, who are given an information packet, as well as babies, who are given a tree.

Living in Saint-Pascal allows you to raise your kids in an advantageous manner in discoveries, to cherish many future projects, to get some fresh air while enjoying the services of a big city, to live on a human scale and thus greet your neighbors, or to be enticed by the unique landscapes of Kamouraska.

There is an elementary school and a vibrant secondary school on the Saint-Pascal campus that provide various specific focuses to students from nearby communities. Higher education schools at La Pocatière (25 km) and Rivière-du-Loup (45 km) also provide training tailored to the region’s social and industrial profile.



Maintenance Technician: A maintenance technician is in charge of doing routine maintenance and repairs on facility equipment and buildings. They verify that the heating and plumbing systems, as well as the HVAC and landscape maintenance, are in good working order.

Personal Banking Advisors, also known as Personal Banking Consultants, can help with banking accounts, loan choices, and credit applications. You might deal with new consumers or offer advice to existing ones. Customer service should be a strong attribute for Personal Banking Advisors.

Merchandiser: Merchandisers assist a firm in maximizing sales and profits by ensuring that retail stores and online stores are supplied with the appropriate items in the appropriate amounts. Stocking shelves, organizing and maintaining product displays, pricing items, and keeping track of shop inventories are all examples of this.

Cashier Seller: The retail cashier’s responsibilities include greeting customers, collecting payments, utilizing scanning technology, responding to customer queries, taking returns, and calculating money in the cash drawer.

Personal Financial Advisor: Individuals’ financial requirements are assessed, and personal financial advisers assist them in making decisions on investments (such as stocks and bonds), tax laws, and insurance. Advisors assist customers in achieving short- and long-term objectives, such as covering educational expenditures and investing for retirement.

Upholsterer: An upholsterer creates beds, mattresses, chairs, couches, and automobile, bus, and train seats by covering furniture frames with cushioning and fabric or leather. Their task includes selecting the appropriate materials for the job and upholstering objects in accordance with the design standards.

Treasurer: A treasurer, often known as a cash manager, is in charge of completing fundamental accounting responsibilities for a company. Monitoring a company’s cash flow, ensuring there is adequate cash on hand to pay any obligations, and collaborating with other financial players to guarantee tax compliance are all part of their responsibilities.

Supervisor: A supervisor is in charge of a small group of employees’ productivity and behaviors. The supervisor has a number of manager-like tasks, abilities, and obligations. A supervisor’s primary responsibility as a member of management is to orchestrate and regulate work rather than execute it personally.

Auto Mechanic: An auto mechanic, often known as a service technician, is a person who works on cars and changes parts for clients. Inspection of the vehicle’s mechanical components and engine, diagnosis of vehicle issues, and maintenance and repair work on automobiles, trucks and other vehicles are among their responsibilities.

Welding technician: A welding technician joins metals together with arc welding equipment to produce component components. Welding different bits of metal together, reducing metal components down to size, and executing operations for polishing metal parts are all part of your profession as a welding specialist.

Team Leader: A team leader is someone who gives advice, teaching, direction, and leadership to a group of people (the team) in order to achieve a key outcome or a set of linked results. The team leader keeps track of the team’s quantitative and qualitative accomplishments and reports back to the management.