Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines Jobs Near Me

Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines is a city situated 40 kilometres northwest of Montreal in the Laurentides region of southwestern Quebec, Canada. During the 2014 census, it had a population of 14,990 people. The Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines Complex of the Canadian Correctional Service comprises the Regional Reception Centre (multi-level security), which houses Canada’s highest-security facility, the Special Handling Unit (SHU); Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines Institution (maximum security); and the Regional Mental Health Centre (multi). The Archambault Institution is also located there.


The city is situated on some of Québec’s most fertile farmland, with 90% of the land set aside for agricultural use. The main agricultural pursuits are dairy, beef, poultry, and sheep breeding, large-scale corn, oats, and barley production, and market gardening. Strawberry cultivation has also become significant since the late 1950s.

The calm & peaceful country atmosphere that surrounds Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines is beautified even more by the city’s rich architectural heritage. The city hall, which is housed in the old convent, was built in 1882, the presbytery in 1887, and the Chaumont Priests’ home, barn, and stable (recognised as a provincial historic site) in 1884. The German Renaissance architectural style of the church, which was completed in 1902, is notable.

1. General Clerk

Rather than performing a single specialised job, general office clerks have a variety of duties that vary on a regular basis depending on the employer’s current needs. Some clerks file paperwork or answer phones, while others use software to insert data into computers or perform other tasks. They still use photocopiers, printers, fax machines, and other office equipment on a regular basis.

Clerks’ basic responsibilities can vary depending on the type of office they work in. A general office clerk at a college or university, for example, may process application materials and respond to questions from prospective applicants, while a hospital clerk might file and retrieve medical records.

2. Road Mixer Operator

Someone who drives and operates a machine that combines waterproofing and binding material with soil to stabilise soil for road surfaces and airport runways is known as a road mixer operator. He also starts the engine to propel the machine and power-rotary digging mixing blades by pushing levers and turning wheels to set the depth of the scoop and rotary blades that pick up and pulverise dirt.

3. Mortgage Broker 

A mortgage broker is a person or company that acts as a middleman in the mortgage loan process. They basically bind mortgage lenders and borrowers without having to use their own money to do so. Mortgage brokers inform themselves about the borrower’s financial situation and try to match them with a lender that is a good fit and offers a competitive interest rate.

4. Realtor

A broker, also known as a real estate agent or realtor, is a person who acts as a middleman between a property’s seller and buyer. Brokers may specialise in either commercial or residential real estate. They could be responsible for finding leads, setting off a property deal, drafting contracts, handling secretarial jobs, and other duties. The most important job of a broker is to be a customer-centric professional who builds networks and maintains cordial relationships with clients.

5. Receptionist

Receptionists are an essential part of every company’s workforce. They are the first point of contact with someone visiting the office or approaching an organisation, so they must be well-dressed and courteous. A Receptionist also ensures security by tracking all visitors and, if necessary, issuing guest passes, as well as providing support to the HR team.

6. Leasing Consultant

Leasing consultants work with landlords and property management firms, interacting with tenants on their behalf. In order to fit a client’s needs to properties that are available, a good leasing consultant should be competent and well-informed while demonstrating a solution-oriented approach. Successful networkers with exceptional negotiating and problem-solving capabilities will be among the top applicants.

7.  Academic advisor

Students in secondary and post-secondary education work with an academic counsellor. The advisor’s duties include keeping a close eye on a student’s academic progress and meeting with them on a regular basis to provide advice and recommendations on how to complete a degree programme successfully.

8. Cosmetologist 

A career as a cosmetologist is ideal for you if you enjoy make-up, fashion, or styling. In the cosmetics industry, cosmetologists play an important role. They will provide hair, nail, and makeup services to customers. Hair styling and cutting, manicures and facials, and application and removal of make-up are also included. Hair waxing, skin care, laser hair removal, and even massage therapy are all services provided by cosmetologists.