Alma Jobs Near Me

Alma is renowned for its fine sand beaches, great cycling opportunities, and a packed schedule of festivals, games, and shows. It’s also the starting point for the famous Véloroute des Bleuets bike path, which brings cyclists on a thrilling journey of exploration through the region’s valleys and rivers. Alma’s various attractions, boutiques, and restaurants offer a range of historic and culinary discoveries in town. Alma’s blend of leisure living, new experiences, and terroir goods make it a place to explore whether for business or pleasure.


The most important thing that a person looks for in a city is its quality of life! Moving to a new city is a difficult task in and of itself; one must have a decent quality of life in the area of which one is relocating. Alma is also one of the safest and most beautiful cities in which to live! Quebec, Canada, has a very healthy place to work in.

This is a good place to live, according to city rankings, with strong scores in housing, business independence, and healthcare. So, if you’re considering visiting Alma, you should certainly do so! When it comes to Alma’s cost of living, the city is really convenient! Québec’s cost of living is ranked 108th out of 248 Teleport towns.

1. Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants operate in a variety of long-term care environments, including nursing homes, home care, assisted living, hospice, clinics, community-based long-term care, correctional institutions, and other long-term care facilities. Nursing assistants support patients of all ages with day-to-day activities. For 35 hours a week, hourly pay ranges from $16.50 to $19.50.

2. Social Worker

Individuals, neighbourhoods, and families are represented by social workers who discuss problems such as unemployment, education, and poverty. Working for the uplift of the vulnerable, working with children with special needs, and fostering women’s empowerment are all ways that social workers contribute to society.

3. Advisor Hygiene

This is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated person to collaborate with the health team. Monday through Friday, work for the industrial hygiene team chief. The Advisor Hygiene is in charge of evaluating, tracking, and quantifying physical, chemical, radiological, and biological stressors in the workplace.

4. Teller

A teller’s duties include performing monetary and convenience transactions, verifying and recording supporting documents, advising and assisting members in selecting and maximising their use of various available resources, fostering autonomy, and facilitating automation.

5. Financial planner

A financial planner’s job description includes completing tailored financial planning that meets the clients’ expectations and goals, identifying clients’ investment and funding needs in order to provide them with the best financial planning solutions, and identifying and exploiting market growth opportunities in order to maximise the number of potential clients and expand the number of current portfolios.

6. Administrative Store Support

Administrative support personnel are often the first point of contact with consumers, employers, or external organisations, so they handle phone calls as well as any incoming communications, including emails and letters to faxes and memos.

7. Post Office Assistant

As a post office assistant, you’ll be responsible for selling postal products and services to the business community and the general public, sorting, distributing, and processing mail into appropriate classifications, providing customers with information and forms, and dealing with delivery and service issues in a thorough and timely manner.

8. Customer Service Representative

Answering product and service queries, as well as suggesting knowledge about other goods and services, the Customer Service Representative attracts potential customers. To ensure customer loyalty, process orders, plan communications and satisfy customer needs.

9. Assistant Manager

An assistant manager’s job is to ensure that the store’s operations run smoothly, delegate duties and address any issues that arise, warmly greet customers, and recognise the needs of their four-legged friend (don’t worry, no discrimination!) And provide sound advice, open and close the shop, use your merchandising expertise to put the merchandising department’s planograms into action, and make sure the store is ready for business.

10. Assistant cook

Assistant cooks support chefs with duties such as stock management, leftovers management, meal planning, recipe checking, kitchen sweeping, utensil coordination, and dish plating.


Wondering about the salary status in Alma? Do you consider moving to a new city after analysing its minimum salary range? Well, do not be worried, we will surely tell you about the income expectations in Alma.  Alma, Québec’s average wage is $20.12. In addition, Alma’s standard of living is 25% lesser than the national average