Beaconsfield Jobs Near Me

In Montreal’s West Island, Beaconsfield is a mostly suburban independent city. Beginning at Devon Road in the west and ending at Jasper Road in the east, where it reaches 

Points-Claire Village, the town extends along the Saint Laurence River’s coastline. The town stretches as far north as Highway 40 on its western side, but then bends back 

Down below Kirkland Boulevard.


The majority of the town is lushly green, with many homes boasting expansive lawns and gardens, which are offset by surrounding wooded areas. You’ll come across people of all ages, the majority of whom are small families. Beaconsfield, unlike the areas farther west, has more commercial areas and is closest to the West Island’s wider shopping  destinations, so it’s normal to see young adults and off-class high school students in those areas. 

Residents in Beaconsfield have a lot to choose from. There are a number of public institutions, including a library and a hockey rink. There’s also the Beaurepaire Village, which has plenty of mom-and-pop shops, facilities, and restaurants. If you buy a cruise, you can use the yacht club and the town runs along the water. Living in Beaconsfield is less costly than in other parts of the country, and there are more commercial options than in surrounding regions.

1. Delivery person

The primary responsibility of the delivery individual is to provide a dependable and courteous delivery service to consumers while still representing the business well on the road and with clients. Transport and deliver medications and other orders to customers’ houses, conduct regular transactions with customers (handle money), and pay for transactions.

2. Personal Support Worker 

Personal support workers (PSWs) provide services to those who are sick, aged or need assistance with everyday activities. You ensure that your clients are relaxed, healthy, and in good mental and physical health. As a home care provider employee, you can work for a long-term care facility or in the homes of your clients. 

3. Pharmacy Technical Assistant

Pharmacological programs are supported by pharmacy technical assistants who store, assemble and distribute prescriptions. By welcoming health care professionals and patients in person and on the internet, answering questions and demands, and directing queries to the pharmacist, I am able to assist them.

4. Brand Associate

A brand associate’s duties include treating both consumers and staff with dignity and leading to a healthy work atmosphere, as well as supporting the sales floor, fitting space, cash wrap, and back of the house as required. Handle both client contacts and future problems of professionalism and courtesy. You should also be able to work schedules that suit the company’s needs; flexible and/or consistent scheduling might be possible.

5. Merchandising Store Associate

The merchandising associate ensures that it is stocked and merchandised in the most appealing, easy-to-find way possible, ensuring that buyers can find just what they need, where they need it, with no hassle or annoyance.

6. Production Worker

The manufacturing process In warehouses, workers create and assemble goods. They run and repair machines, ensure that quality requirements are maintained, finish goods, and ready them for shipment.

7. Warehouse Associate

You will collect goods and supplies from delivery trucks as a warehouse partner and ensure that it was received appropriately. Handle the items with care and inspect them for any flaws or injury. Orders must be packed and shipped correctly.

8. Technical Assistant

In every project team or professional agency, the Technical Assistant plays a significant role. The position holder maintains that operational and logistical activities are performed on a schedule to assist technical workers in completing the work or project.

9. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative’s responsibilities include maintaining a constructive, empathetic, and competent attitude toward customers at all times, immediately responding to customer requests, and engaging with customers through different channels. Recognizing and answering consumer feedback, understanding goods inside and out so you can answer questions, and handling orders, forms, applications, and demands are all tasks that must be completed.

10. Call Centre Agent

A call center agent’s job description includes taking orders from clients, answering questions and requests, troubleshooting issues, providing reports, and handling concerns about the company’s goods and services.

The average annual wage for employees in Beaconsfield, Québec is $65,494 (CAD), or $31 per hour (CAD). In Beaconsfield, Québec, the annual income is C$56,000. Beaconsfield, Québec has a cost of living that is 100 percent higher than the national average.