Beauceville Jobs Near Me

There are several reasons that you can choose to migrate to Beauceville, Quebec and some of them are following:

1. Affordable Housing – Apartments range at about $500 a month for a two-bedroom apartment if you’re looking to rent.

2. Quality Health Care – The city has a comprehensive network of family medical services as well as special treatment in a number of fields. In addition, a network of hospitals spread across the city offer health care services.

3. Access to Education -The city has a number of outstanding public schools that offer primary and secondary education to students. College-level schooling is available through the CÉGEP Beauce-Appalaches for students involved in post-secondary studies. Any university courses are also available.

4. Recreational and Cultural Amenities – Whatever you like to do in your spare time, Beauceville has plenty to sell. The area has a number of well-equipped sporting and fitness centres, as well as golf courses, ski slopes, and hiking and biking trails. Boating and fishing are a fantasy come true in the region’s many lakes and waterways. A municipal library with a large collection of books and periodicals is also available, as well as a year-round calendar of festivals, concerts, and other cultural activities.

5. Services for Citizens – Beauceville delivers a wide range of public services to its inhabitants in order to encourage a high quality of living and to ensure that the needs are addressed. The city is represented by a team of highly skilled and experienced employees who are committed to providing customers with exemplary service.


1. Lead Customer Service Representative

You will welcome visitors, run the cash register, make purchasing recommendations, and also collaborate with our food network as a lead customer service agent. There will never be a boring moment as you will be working in a variety of locations in the shop (inside and out) to help uphold our high expectations for store presentation and offer fast and friendly service to our customers.

2. General Manager

You will be responsible for kitchen and food service administration, supervisory and development plans, and staff collaboration for the preparation and distribution of meals and food items for the client as a General Manager.

You’ll be in charge of all facets of the food management operation as well. You’ll be in charge of labor management as well as the implementation and oversight of food, safety, and sanitation services.

3. Marketing Automation Manager

Marketing automation managers are responsible for strategically directing email marketing programs, consumer messages, and interaction strategies.

You will be responsible for developing segmented consumer solutions and will collaborate together with partners around the industry to identify and implement our engagement approach.

4. Bilingual Nurse

A bilingual nurse can ensure that the patient has been registered in the assistance package, review patient records, retain electronic charts, and collect all pertinent and relevant information from the chart in order to complete the required paperwork (private and/or provincial insurance) in a succinct, structured, and competent manner. 

5. Senior Advisor

A senior advisor’s role is to include strategic strategy and change management skills, as well as strategies to enhance corporate performance and leadership growth. Propose and develop new tools and solutions to address the challenges to contribute to corporate planning activities Participate in the review and preparation of criteria for a number of business initiatives and services. In favor of programs and innovative ventures, direct the development and execution of progress management, networking, and preparation processes, policies, and schedules.

6. Corporate Recruiter

As a corporate recruiter, you’d be responsible for planning, facilitating, and implementing all aspects of the recruiting process, as well as collaborating with department managers to define and draft comprehensive and accurate job requirements and hiring guidelines. Determine and incorporate reliable and productive recruitment approaches and techniques focused on the open position, industry requirements, and the organization’s needs.

7. Retail Sales Representative

Customers are served by store sales representatives who assist them in making merchandise selections. Customers are engaged, suggestive selling is used, and product information is shared, which leads to increased purchases. Customers are greeted and received in a friendly way. Answers concerns from clients.


A worker in Quebec receives about 132,000 CAD per year on average. Salaries range from 33,400 CAD (the lowest average) to 590,000 CAD (the highest average) (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the regular annual wage, which includes lodging, transportation, and other perks.