Bois-des-Filion Jobs Near Me

Bois-des-Filion is a Montreal off-island suburb in Quebec, Canada, to the north of the city. Hundreds of families used to fly to this area on a seasonal basis to see the majestic maple forests; however, tourism is now just a small source of revenue for the district. The primary language spoken by its residents is French, and general manufacturing is the primary source of jobs.

Have you already agreed to live in Canada? We can’t say we blame you. Thousands of foreign students flock to the country each year because of the vast number of English-taught degrees, the country’s well-developed economy, high living standards, and abundant job opportunities. We’ll go through the best positions in Bois-des-Filion below, including the highest-paying jobs and the best career prospects.

1. Pipefitting contractors and supervisors

What is a pipefitter’s job description? Pipefitters are professionals who build pipe systems for heating, hot water, ventilation, steam, and other applications. They ensure the pipes are cut, assembled, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. Pipefitting contractors earn a staggering $44 per hour, which can surprise some. Strong unions have a lot of clouts when it comes to negotiating high pay.

2. Petroleum supervisors

Petroleum supervisors are responsible for a range of duties, including providing technical guidance, integrating oil or gas company plans with drilling company plans, managing staff and communicating with the crew to assess their needs, ensuring that appropriate reports are completed as necessary, and ensuring maintenance and repair. Canada has seen the gas sector make massive profits in recent decades thanks to its enormous natural gas reserves.

3.  Mining supervisors 

Mining is incredibly risky and physically demanding, so it’s understandable that their bosses are compensated so well. Spending hours in pitch-black, suffocating caves to ensure worker welfare sounds exhausting. Mining managers are in charge of overseeing mining and quarrying activity, as well as supervising and coordinating the movements of miners in underground and surface mines and quarries.

4. Chemical engineers

Chemical engineers’ primary responsibilities include designing and troubleshooting systems for the manufacture of materials, oils, nutrients, pharmaceuticals, and biologicals, to name a few. Large-scale processing plants also use them to increase production and product efficiency while lowering costs. 

5. Machine Operator

A great machine operator is dependable and capable of working with precision and safety in mind. You should be able to learn and develop because on-the-job experience is a fantastic way to explore how to do the job better. Since both activities would include near cooperation with coworkers, becoming a team member is important. The aim would be to ensure that manufacturing processes run smoothly so that productivity and income can be maximized.

6. Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representatives are in charge of qualifying leads at the very beginning of the sales process. Before passing leads to the sales team’s closers, they must do research on prospective buyers, engage with and advise prospects, and qualify leads.

7. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists aid in the treatment of diseases, accidents, and learning disabilities. Developing intervention services to meet the needs of clients, keeping paperwork, and supervising support staff is also possible job duties. Occupational therapists earn an average of $82,000 a year.

8. Locomotive Engineer

If trains have always piqued your curiosity, now is a good time to turn that passion into a career. Locomotive engineers work on trains that carry people and goods throughout North America. They also check vehicles and consult with train crews and traffic controllers to ensure that it is running smoothly and safely. Locomotive engineers earn a gross annual salary of $78,000.

9. Statistician or Actuary

If we generate ever-growing volumes of digital data, the need for people who can interpret the data is increasing. Mathematical approaches are used by statisticians and actuaries to create equations that solve problems and forecast behavior and results. Statisticians and actuaries earn an average of $87,000 a year.

10. Scientific Research Manager

You’ll be in charge of the employer’s professional practice, which may be an architectural company, a research organization, or a science agency. You’ll organize and guide the operations of the firm or agency, delegate and review technical work, and hire employees. A science research manager’s average salary is $102,000.

The average annual wage for workers in Bois Des Filion, Québec is $65,308 (CAD), or $31 per hour (CAD).