Boisbriand Jobs Near Me

The city of Boisbriand is a village in Quebec, eastern Canada, that is located in the city of Montreal’s neighborhood. The city is located on the banks of the Rivière des Mille Îles and is a pleasant town with a population of about 27 thousand inhabitants. The city has seven high schools, a few hospitals, and all of the modern facilities and amenities required to live a happy life. 

Locals are passionate about sports, and there are many sports facilities available, as well as a few competitive ice hockey teams. Children in the city will participate in high-quality activities such as karate, fencing, figure skating, diving, and so on.

Boisbriand’s annual cost of living is $1129, which is similar to the global average. It ranks 5086th out of 9294 cities worldwide, 138th out of 153 in Canada, and 47th out of 60 in Quebec State.

The estimated after-tax income is $3186, which is enough to pay for 2.8 months’ worth of living expenses.

In the list of best cities to live in the world, it is ranked 1134th (TOP 13%), 54th best city in Canada, and 9th most liveable city in Quebec State. Boisbriand is the 124th largest city in Canada, with a population of 26.9 thousand people.

The average annual wage for employees in Boisbriand, Québec is $65,308 (CAD), or $31 per hour (CAD).


A food service staff is responsible for a number of tasks related to the preparation and/or serving of foods and drinks in one or more foodservice settings. As necessary to the role, can prepare salad products, hot foods, and/or cold foods, as well as assist in the preparation of bakery items.

2. Maintenance worker

A maintenance worker is someone who does things like renovations and laundry to keep things running smoothly. You’ll be in charge of making minor repairs to appliances and construction structures, as well as keeping the buildings clean and running.

The first step in getting this job is to be dependable and have a sharp eye for information. The best candidate would have relevant experience and professional expertise. Manual dexterity and physical endurance are also needed.

3. Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you can give clients a friendly presentation while upholding our company’s values and expectations. A good Sales Associate would aim to surpass consumer demands and achieve all sales targets. Deliver outstanding customer experience to ensure repeat business and high customer loyalty.

Working with consumers to assess their needs and then recommending the best product to solve their dilemma, assisting in keeping the product presentation area tidy and coordinated, and building and cultivating good purchasing relationships with customers are all part of the job description.

4. Warehouse Coordinator

A warehouse coordinator gathers up inventory by keeping an eye on demand, packing it, and bringing it around. Designates storage areas, adjusts storage areas in accordance with manufacturing and distribution needs and updates the position log.

5. Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk assists accountants by filing paperwork, reconciling accounts, and running automated programs. Makes copies and files paperwork to keep track of financial information. Compares bank accounts of the general ledger to reconcile them.

6. Sales Assistant 

One of the key responsibilities of a sales assistant is to welcome and serve customers as soon as they reach the store. Customers expect Sales Assistants to educate them and answer any questions they may have, from stock inventory to specifics of promotional deals to the price of a product.

7. Electrician

An electrician’s job entails repairing and replacing malfunctioning parts of motors, pumps, controls, storage batteries, switchboards, conductors, switches, and a variety of other electrical fixtures. Install, operate, and restore machinery and equipment’s hydraulic, electromechanical, and electronic components.

8. Store Associate

What is the function of a Store Associate? Store Associates assist consumers in locating items that suit their budgets and meet their requirements. They will help with product placement and cross-sells on occasion. They take inventory, replenish shelves, and manage customer feedback in addition to leading consumers.

9. Social Media Specialist 

A Social Media Specialist is in charge of producing and managing content across all social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in order to develop an audience and maintain customer interest. In addition, the Specialist can keep track of site metrics, respond to reader feedback, and supervise creative design.

10. Public Relations Co-ordinator 

A public relations coordinator is in charge of increasing brand visibility for the company’s image. News releases, media reports, corporate relations, and listening to customer questions and complaints are all handled by a public relations coordinator.