Chandler Jobs Near Me

Chandler, a deepwater seaport and manufacturing center near the mouth of Chaleur Bay, is one of the largest towns on the Gaspé Peninsula. Chandler takes pride in its status as a village-rélais, a Québécois word for a small village or town with a disproportionate amount of hotels, shopping, and dining choices, and other facilities for highway travelers, despite the lack of tourist attractions.


Visit Chandler to experience its rural beauty as well as its urban conveniences. Hiking and biking trails, picnic and playground areas, and clean, sandy beaches are all accessible (certified lifeguards on-site). Visit a variety of tourist attractions and participate in various sports such as golfing, tennis, and fishing. Chandler also has a range of salmon lakes and rivers that will appeal to anglers and swimmers alike.

Chandler has a cost of living that is 7% higher than the national average. Housing in Chandler is 31% more expensive than the national average. The general sales tax in Arizona is 10% higher than the national average. The state income tax rate in Arizona is 5% higher than the national average.

1. Personal Banker Associate

A personal banker works with both new and current clients who want to open new accounts. Most retail bank branches have big, L-shaped desks near the lobby where these bankers work. A personal banker’s function is to tailor an account to the needs of the client. 

2. Human Resources Services Assistant

A human resources services assistant administers and scores assessments to verify candidates’ qualifications. Exams are scheduled by arranging appointments. Conducts new employee orientation to welcome them to the company. Collects time and attendance records to include payroll statistics.

3. Estate and Trust Administrator 

The Estate/Trust Administrator (TA) role assists trust officers who are directly responsible for the estate, trust, POA, and agency accounts with administrative support. The TA can interact with estate and trust clients, as well as their beneficiaries, on a regular basis.

4. Customer Service Assistant

A customer service assistant’s responsibilities include assisting customer service representatives and coordinating and preparing customer orders for delivery to the appropriate agency. Ascertain the customer orders are delivered on schedule. Interact with consumers to learn about their preferences and specifications. Resolve a variety of overlapping and nuanced customer service problems. Ensure that product dispatch and distribution meet consumer deadlines. Keep track of consumer information and databases.

5. Administrative Support Associate

As an administrative support associate, you help the employer with a variety of clerical and administrative duties, most often paperwork and communications. You may be asked to assist with scheduling meetings, answering phones, ensuring proper filing of all records, and coordinating with various departments within the organization as required.

6. Financial Services Clerk 

As a Finance Clerk, you’ll be in charge of keeping track of accounts payable and receivable and ensuring that financial operations run smoothly. You are responsible for properly managing and maintaining the financial record of regular payments.

7. Validation Specialist

A Validation Specialist participates in temperature mapping, calibration, and instrument or device output measurement. You’ll also contribute to the development of process control methods, validation protocols, technology transfer, and data analysis.

8. Senior Analyst

Company associates benefit from the Senior Business Analyst’s strategic business consulting services. The Senior Business Analyst is in charge of conducting an end-to-end analysis of assigned business processes in order to identify and mitigate organizational, financial, and technical risks. 

A senior analyst may be responsible for monitoring project milestones, maintaining client correspondence, managing project scope, leading process design changes, conducting system integration, and performing project analysis on a daily basis.

9. Program Officer

Program Officers are in charge of overseeing program creation, obtaining grants and proposals, managing programs, and overseeing budgets. They make sure that a foundation’s or nonprofit’s activities and services are in line with the foundation’s or nonprofit’s priorities and mission statements. Significant decisions on how much and where money should be spent should be delegated to program officers.

10. Environmental specialist

Environmental specialists are professionals who track a population’s effect on the environment, identify environmental problems, and suggest solutions. Their main aim is to enhance the environment’s living standards. Typically, they operate in power or chemical plants.

Average Income in Chandler: The average annual wage for workers in Chandler, Québec is $65,308 (CAD), or $31 per hour (CAD).