Chapais Jobs Near Me

 We know how to welcome you and make you feel at ease in the Chapais–Chibougamau area. People here converse with one another, and our culture is alive and well. There will be plenty of leisure opportunities and facilities to keep you occupied. Do you want the services of a family physician? Are you looking for children’s programs or specialist support? 

We have everything you need and more! You’ll want to stay for good once you’ve had a taste. It’s the perfect place to indulge in your passion for outdoor sports while still getting some fresh air away from the noise of big cities. Come to our area to see your true nature—it will take your breath away.


Have you already decided to study in Canada? We can’t say we blame you. Thanks to a large number of English-taught degrees, a well-developed economy, high living standards, and numerous job opportunities, Chapais attracts thousands of international students each year. We’ll discuss the best employment in Canada, including the highest-paying jobs, in the sections below.

1. Nurse Practitioner  

Do you want to contribute to society? Do you make a difference in the world? A career as a nurse practitioner will be ideal for you. A nurse practitioner is a type of advanced practice nurse who assists in all aspects of patient care, such as diagnosis, treatment, and consultations. Physical examinations, ordering exams, and serving as a patient’s primary healthcare provider are all possibilities. Some nurse practitioners are also licensed to write prescriptions. Yearly salary: 104,000 CAD

2. Dentist 

Dentists identify and treat dental problems, as well as assisting patients in developing better oral hygiene routines. They brush teeth, fix bite problems, perform operations and extractions, and perform a variety of other tasks to keep the mouth and teeth safe. 93,600 CAD per year salary

3. Utility Manager 

The Utilities Manager is in charge of overseeing and managing the power plant, utility tunnels, construction, and distribution. The Utility Manager works with the Assistant Director of Facilities Management, Maintenance to establish long-term plans for updating assigned mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as create documentation and execute preventive maintenance programs for all assigned mechanical and electrical equipment. Annual Salary: 114,000 CAD

4. Power Systems Electrician 

Electricians who work in power systems are working in the utility, industrial, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries. Installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical power generation (coal, natural gas, and renewable energy), transmission, and distribution systems and equipment are among the responsibilities. 86,000 CAD per year salary

5. Mining and Quarrying Supervisor 

Staff in underground and surface mining operations, as well as quarries, are supervised and coordinated by supervisors in this unit division. Coal, metal, and non-metallic mineral mines and quarries use them. Prepare production reports as well as other reports. Yearly salary: 83,200 CAD

6. Pipefitting Supervisor 

Piping Supervisors are in charge of overseeing all stages of the pipeline installation process, whether it’s for gas, oil, or anything else. In a number of facilities, they do design, layout, install, test, and fix piping systems. A Piping Supervisor is usually hired on a contract basis and is in charge of a team of pipefitting staff. 81,000 CAD per year salary

7. Engineering Manager 

Engineering managers are in charge of project management, new growth, and problem solving. They are responsible for planning, directing, arranging, and managing an organization’s technical and engineering operations.

A good engineering manager is aware of both sides’ needs and how to strike a balance between them. This entails keeping the team focused and on track while staying within budgets and deadlines. It also entails determining what the team requires in terms of time, money, and working climate, and ensuring that those requirements are met. Salary: 106,000 Canadian dollars a year

8. Scientific Research Manager 

Scientific research managers are in charge of overseeing scientific experiments and evaluating their outcomes. They are usually in charge of research activities, data collection and analysis, and data processing to test hypotheses. Salary: 102,000 Canadian dollars a year

9. Public Administration Director 

Large divisions of government are overseen by public administration directors, who ensure that policies and projects are carried out. This entails supervising the development of said services, tracking and preparing budgets, as well as recruiting and training personnel. 110,000 CAD per year salary

10. Construction Manager 

As a construction manager, you’ll be responsible for planning and coordinating a project from beginning to end, as well as organizing the work schedule, costings, and budget. Plan the work and supervise the acquisition of necessary materials and equipment. For the project, you’ll need to recruit and manage people. 83,000 CAD per year.