Châteauguay Jobs Near Me

Châteauguay is a town in the Montérégie region of Quebec, Canada. It is located at the mouth of the Châteauguay River, just south of the St. Lawrence River’s confluence. It served as a trading centre during the settlement of the surrounding area and was the site of a Jesuit mission founded in 1736. The Battle of Châteauguay, a pivotal battle in the War of 1812, took place there on October 26, 1813, when a small group of British troops led by Colonel Charles de Salaberry repelled an invading American army, preventing the attempted capture of Montreal. Châteauguay, once a dairy and fruit-growing centre, is now largely a suburban suburb 12 miles (19 kilometres) southwest of Montreal.


Châteauguay, which has a three-century history, has a plethora of attractions within walking distance, making the city unique in many respects. Châteauguay has all it wants to please residents, developers, and staff thanks to its urban environment. Families, seniors, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and people interested in leisure or heritage can find plenty to enjoy in Châteauguay.

If you are wondering about working in the town then you must keep in mind that the average annual wage for workers in Châteauguay, Québec is $65,308 (CAD), or $31 per hour (CAD).

1. Administrative unit secretary

A unit secretary works in a hospital or other specialist medical department as an administrative role. Answering incoming calls, arranging charts, and admitting new patients are just some of the ways they support patients and medical staff.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required for consideration for this job. A specialist qualification in medical billing or terminology may be required, depending on the particular department served. Individuals who succeed in this position have excellent communication skills and the ability to support busy medical staff.

2. Executive secretary

The executive secretary works closely with the department head and performs various secretarial tasks typically associated with the management of a directorate under the direction of the director. In addition, she or he serves as a consultant for administrative tasks. The incumbent follows well-defined protocols and adheres to existing administrative guidelines or policies while performing his or her duties.

3. Financial Services Representative

As a Financial Services Representative, you’ll cultivate important client relationships, learn about their financial and personal goals, provide insightful and customised service, and suggest the products and solutions that will help them achieve financial success.

4.  Account Executive

You’ll serve as a vital connection between an advertising agency and its clients as an Account Executive, also known as an account handler. In this sales position, you’ll work to understand your client’s objectives and then organise the agency’s creative and administrative staff to assist them in producing successful campaigns.

5. Business Development Representative

The importance of business growth in the sales process cannot be overstated. When a potential customer joins the sales funnel, they are first directed to the business development department. A sales development representative (SDR) is also in charge of developing new market prospects, but only through the qualification of inbound leads.

6. Billing Support Representative

A billing agent supports the organization’s billing department with its overall operations. Billing members amend account statements, produce financial reports, release invoices, and address account discrepancies in a timely manner. To ensure accurate and timely billing, they also conduct client account reconciliation when required, track account receivables, review overdue balances, and inform clients of payment changes.

7. Administrative Communication Assistant

Creating and publishing material, brainstorming ideas, managing office operations, and putting together newsletters and other publications are all responsibilities of Communications Assistants. They will often be required to write press releases, monitor media attention, and attend both internal and external events.

Any company with a communications department can hire a communications assistant. Universities, journals, nonprofit foundations, major companies, real estate firms, and tech startups, to name a few, are all examples of this. The majority of their work is done in an office setting, but they may be expected to attend interviews, news conferences, meetings, and fundraising activities on a regular basis.

8. Communications Advisor

Writing speeches, announcements, press releases, annual reports, website copy, and video scripts are among the responsibilities of a communications advisor. Developing strategies and messaging with key internal figures and teams. Organizing or assisting in the facilitation of media preparation. Reporting on the success of the approach to the organisation.