Chibougamau Jobs Near Me

Chibougamau is a magical place where untamed nature and urban life collide, nestled deep in a magnificent natural setting close to the Nord-du-Québec area. Chibougamau, which is located in the heart of a transportation network with simple road and air travel options, is a convenient city with a pleasant living atmosphere. Chibougamau, which combines North and South, nature and urban life, lives up to its name, which means “meeting spot.”

Bathing, hiking, skiing, riding ATVs, and snowmobiles on regulated trails are only a few of the pleasures in store for you because of the presence of urban infrastructure and the proximity of wild nature. By taking the time to appreciate Chibougamau’s excellent quality of life, you’ll get to know and appreciate a region that has a lot more to offer than you may think!


Chibougamau is a prairie province in Canada known for its lush farmlands and lucrative job opportunities, particularly in agriculture, forestry, fishing, manufacturing, mining, and oil, as well as tourism and hospitality. Since a rural community is always overcrowded, it is well-liked by the majority, as skilled professionals prefer to migrate to larger cities, unaware of the wealth of job opportunities available in this province.

1. Maintenance Automation Technician

Since they are needed to repair and maintain robotic devices and computer-controlled systems for industrial and commercial companies, automated technicians are also known as robotic technicians.

Their work entails watching over and running computers that are programmed to complete tasks with little human interaction. Manufacturing and food processing firms use these devices, which are mostly computer-controlled.

2. Market Development Manager

As a market development manager, you’ll be responsible for identifying sales leads, pitching potential customers on products or services, and maintaining positive working relationships with new contacts. Since this job is all about communication, your responsibilities are likely to include following up on potential business opportunities and setting up meetings, organizing and arranging presentations, communicating new product ideas to prospective customers, and overseeing the production of marketing literature, regardless of the industry you work in.

3. Industrial Electrician

In a manufacturing plant or worksite, industrial electricians perform a variety of activities relating to electrical controls, equipment, and wiring. They could be in charge of inspecting, troubleshooting, installing, and repairing electrical components.

4. Electrical Supervisor

Electrical supervisors are contractors who supervise the work of electricians on a construction site. They are in charge of ensuring that all safety and enforcement requirements are met, as well as providing technical assistance as required.

5. Assistant store manager

Hiring and training sales associates, tracking inventory, and ordering products based on demand are all duties of the Assistant Manager. You’ll also conduct market analysis and evaluate consumer behavior to ensure that our store meets and exceeds customer standards.

6. Administrative technician

Administrative Assistants assist supervisors, other staff, and workplace guests by performing a number of activities to ensure positive and fruitful relationships between the company and others. Administrative Coordinators and Administrative Specialists are other names for these professionals.

7. Safety and sanitary inspector 

As a health and safety inspector, you’ll make sure that employers follow all health and safety regulations and that workplaces don’t cause illness, injury, or death. This can be accomplished by monitoring company premises, warning employees, and reporting incidents, as well as by enforcing the law.

8. Transport truck drivers

Usually, truck drivers move products and merchandise from production, distribution, and retail facilities. Some people work in sales and customer service as well. Other responsibilities include checking their vehicles for technical problems that could jeopardize their safety and performing basic repairs. Build an ad that attracts great drivers to your business by using our free job description template below.

9. Security guard

Guards must be vigilant in order to be successful. A good security guard can detect something suspicious by seeing, hearing, and smelling it. They can detect suspicious behavior in visitors, recognize unfamiliar sounds, and even sense a gas leak.

If anything unusual occurs, a security guard must act quickly and be ready to act at any time. Obviously, not every situation necessitates the same degree of urgency; this is why security personnel must make swift and precise assessments in order to have the best response.

10. Computer Analyst

Computer Analysts, also known as Computer Systems Analysts or Systems Designers, are responsible for initiating computer system updates, writing and publishing technical reports and specifications, configuring hardware and software, training end-users, and ensuring that companies effectively use technology.