Clermont Jobs Near Me

Clermont was founded in 1935 and is named after its founder, Félix-Antoine Savard, a clergyman and popular writer. Clermont, nestled between the mountains and the river, welcomes you to its enchanting surroundings, which are bordered by the Rivière-Malbaie. The city of Clermont’s priority and responsibility is to provide quality services in a friendly living atmosphere to its residents and young families.

Clermont’s area is 52 square kilometres, making it ideal for visitors looking for a medium-sized city that is, in our view, worth seeing. Thanks to its low room rates, you can save money here, which is why you can use it as a base to visit all of Canada and Clermont’s nearby attractions.


1. Post Office Assistant

In a post office, a post office assistant performs some combination of the following tasks: Sells postage stamps, postal cards, and stamped envelopes, issues money orders, records and insures mail, calculates letter and parcel mailing costs, and sorts mail into pigeon holes or bags according to state, address, person’s name, association, or other scheme. Examines mail for proper postage and cancels it with a rubber stamp or a cancelling machine, weights parcels and letters on a scale, and calculates the cost of mailing based on weight and destination.

2. Customer service representative

Do you enjoy assisting others and resolving issues? A career as a customer service representative could be a good fit for you! Customers are interacted with by customer service representatives on behalf of a company. They provide product and service information, take orders, handle customer complaints, and process returns. Customer support representatives assist customers by answering inquiries and resolving issues. When a customer calls with a problem, a representative will normally open the customer’s file in the company’s computer system.

3. Forest Operations Supervisor

The Forest Operations Supervisor is often the person in charge of handling unforeseen accidents such as natural disasters (floods or fires), technical failures (fluid spills, equipment fires), serious incidents that involve heavy equipment. 

4. Quality assurance controller

A quality control specialist’s key responsibility is to test and evaluate goods in an industrial or warehouse environment. The quality control professional can use a variety of techniques to test parts or goods, ensuring that requirements are met and that the product functions as expected.

Quality management checks are performed on almost all finished materials, including foods, textiles, clothing, glassware, vehicles, electrical components, machines, and structural steel. The specific job duties of these inspectors vary based on the sector in which they work.

5. Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store managers assist with the day-to-day management of a physical store. This role necessitates direct supervision of store associates as well as daily customer contact. Assistant store managers may also be in charge of ordering merchandise, recruiting and hiring new employees, and opening and closing stores. Depending on the size of the company, some travel may be needed.

6. Security agent

Security agents ensure that an organization’s facilities are a safe and secure environment for colleagues, customers, and employees. Controlling who enters and exits the house, checking CCTV footage for suspicious behaviour, and detaining trespassers before the police arrive are all part of this task. This is usually a shift-based position, with overnight and weekend shifts being normal.

7. Materials advisor

Materials advisors find, test, and evaluate building materials. They check for proper foundations and materials, and they advise on the best materials to use for a project based on their particular assets, project costs, and timelines.

8. Machinery operator 

A great machine operator is dependable and capable of working with precision and safety in mind. You should be able to learn and develop because on-the-job preparation is a good way to discover how to do the job better. Since all activities would involve near cooperation with coworkers, becoming a team player is important. The aim would be to ensure that production processes run smoothly so that productivity and income can be maximised.

9. Damage insurance broker

Insurance brokers act as liaisons between insurers and insurance providers, ensuring that the customer receives the best insurance coverage possible. The work responsibilities differ depending on the size and form of employer: smaller businesses have less opportunities for specialisation than larger businesses.