Cowansville Jobs Near Me

Cowansville is known for having fourteen bridges. Aside from Davignon Lake, which is located in the heart of town, the Sweetsburg historical district adds to Cowansville’s charm. Its loyalist features, such as majestic buildings and grand Victorian-style residences along Main Street and du Sud Street, bear witness to its history. Cowansville residents and tourists will enjoy a ballad or simply enjoy the moment at the Maison Bruck, the Mural tour “Les belles disparues,” several restaurants, and the Café de village La mie bretonne, an artisanal bakery.


Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and hiking are only a few of the sports available in Cowansville and Sutton, and Bromont. You’ll find the terroir, the Wine Path, and six golf courses just minutes from downtown, including the Cowansville Golf Club, which is known for the consistency and elegance of its course.

Cowansville has a rich history and beautiful architecture. Residences, houses, and a plethora of hundred-year-old trees bear witness to this illustrious past. It is for this reason that the Chemin des Cantons, one of Montérégie’s most famous heritage roads, offers so many attractions.

1. Customer Experience Associate

You will be responsible for answering all incoming calls and emails, handling customer questions and concerns, and passing new leads to our sales team as a customer service associate. You should have an outgoing and optimistic personality, a driven, enthusiastic work ethic, and a track record of working well in a team atmosphere as a customer service associate.

2. Client Advisor

Service Advisors are the firm’s most seasoned advisors who are in charge of managing the client relationship. The job entails maintaining current client relationships as well as developing and implementing the advice. Client Advisors collaborate with and train other employees in the delivery of client services.

3. Assistant Cash Manager

Cash manager is in charge of a company’s or a client’s financial transactions. He can work in a variety of sectors and manage a variety of accounts at the same time. The cash manager keeps a close eye on the viability of a company or a customer, as well as the risks and losses. The manager might also be in charge of a group of people reporting to him.

4. Quality control specialist

Quality management professionals operate in a range of sectors, from engineering to food processing, and are in charge of inspecting incoming goods to ensure that they are defect-free and manufactured in accordance with internal and external requirements.

Quality Assurance Specialists are in charge of inspecting, testing, and recommending improvements to a company’s final goods and processes in order to achieve defined quality requirements.

5. Production Supervisor 

You will be in charge of overseeing a diverse and talented manufacturing team as a production supervisor. Your main objective is to properly coordinate your team and maintain a steady workflow during the day. In a factory environment, you’ll also be in charge of managing, disciplining, recruiting, and assisting lower-level manufacturing employees.

6. Machine Operator

Machine operators are mostly responsible for operating heavy machinery. They aid with the installation of their equipment as well as the maintenance of it by conducting regular checks and repairs. You may also look for these jobs by looking for Machinists or Tool and Die Makers.

Machine operators may work with either computer-controlled or mechanical equipment. They set up their devices, run them to help with plant processes, and check them for routine maintenance. They are team players who are self-motivated and have a knack for computers and mechanics.

7. Engineering Clerk

The Engineering Clerk assists the Manager-Engineering and the Engineering Department as a whole with administrative duties. Coordination of information exchange with other peer organizations such as Dispatch Operations, Facilities Assignment, Network Planning, Accounting, and others are among the additional responsibilities.

8. Housekeeping Attendant

Room Attendants are in charge of cleaning and maintaining guest rooms to ensure that visitors have a fun and enjoyable stay. They make sure that all of the rooms are welcoming and tidy, and they respond to all of the guests’ questions in a respectful and knowledgeable manner.

You must be trustworthy, polite, and have a thorough understanding of all housekeeping policies, procedures, and expectations in order to succeed as a Room Attendant.