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In the heart of Sherbrooke, Victoriaville, and Drummondville, there is a little slice of paradise. Danville is just one hour and forty minutes from Montreal and Quebec, at the intersection of Routes 116 and 255, close to Highway 20 and about 100 kilometres from American lines. Danville, considered one of the most beautiful picturesque villages in the Eastern Townships, invites you on a surprising journey through its past, its historic architecture, and its vibrant vision for the future. “Danville, one of the most beautiful towns in the province of Quebec,” wrote the Montreal Daily Herald on June 14, 1902. 

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A community that provides all of its tourists with a living atmosphere that includes a swimming pool, parks, a playground, a cycle path, a skating rink, and many other amenities. Fire, water, and wastewater services are provided by the city. Within ten minutes, health facilities are open. There’s also a post office, a municipal housing office, a visitor information office, a credit union with an automated teller machine, and nearly all the other businesses and facilities that residents and visitors might need. What about the churches, with their six bell towers representing various religious denominations?

1. Production planner

Production Planners, also known as Production Schedulers, create regular or weekly production schedules to ensure that production deadlines are met. They decide the amount of inventory, machinery, and labour needed, as well as prepare status and performance reports and resolve production issues.

You should be familiar with material requirements preparation and able to manage production deadlines to be effective as a Production Planner. To ensure that production processes operate smoothly, an outstanding Production Planner can demonstrate excellent time management, organisational, and problem-solving skills.

2. General operator

A general operative might work as a labourer on a construction site, as a warehouse employee, or as a machine operator, moving goods along an assembly line with the aid of equipment. A general operative’s responsibilities include sending and receiving material, inspecting for defective items, and participating in projects from beginning to end.

3. Post Office Assistant 

Receiving and sorting mail, selling stamps, measuring parcels, stamping envelopes, assisting clients, selling money orders, taking passport pictures, and ensuring mail has accurate zip codes and addresses are all responsibilities of a post office assistant.

4. Financial security advisor

Investments, taxation, estate planning, college savings plans, pensions, mortgages, and retirement are all topics that financial planners counsel clients on. Personal financial advisors, financial consultants, financial advisers, financial service advisors, and investment advisers are all terms used to describe them. To succeed in this highly controlled position, you should already have the necessary licences and a thorough understanding of all of the latest financial products available.

5.  Pharmacy Assistant 

The Pharmacy Assistant is responsible for providing exceptional customer service by being courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. The Assistant is responsible for identifying and scheduling qualified clinical services, as well as focusing on pharmacy excellence in terms of patient care, process performance, and inventory management.

6. Client Service Administrator

The Client Service Administrator (CSA) is in charge of providing outstanding customer service and is the first point of contact with most of our clients. The CSA is also responsible for providing organisational support to the clinic’s Hearing Professionals (HP) as well as the clinic’s administrative staff.

7. Senior Accountant

Managing all accounting transactions, timely publication of financial statements, weekly, quarterly, and annual closings, reconciling accounts payable and receivable, ensuring timely bank transfers, managing balance sheets and profit/loss statements, and maintaining the organization’s accounting system, documents, and records are all responsibilities of a senior accountant.

8.  Advertising Copywriter

Commercial copywriters come up with ad concepts and write them down. Advertisements can be seen in print, on television, online, and on the street. The annual earnings will be $59,315.00.

9. Call Centre Agent

Call centre agents answer questions, build relationships with customers, and resolve issues. This is done over the phone or by electronic means. They also provide information about the company’s plans, products, and services to customers. The yearly salary will be $44,097.00. 

10.  Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineers combine engineering technology and design with applied biological science to solve problems in agriculture, food, and other resource sectors. The annual revenue would be $112,155.00.