Daveluyville Jobs Near Me

Daveluyville is a small town in eastern Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec. The city is heavily inhabited, with lots of small settlements like Daveluyville, each with a few thousand residents. The city is named after the Daveluys, a well-known local family of musicians, singers, and cultural activists. The population of the city is currently around 1000 people. The majority of the workforce works in service and commerce-related occupations. The city has a few notable landmarks, including some historic buildings in the downtown area and some nearby green zones.

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1. Production foreman

You will be in charge of overseeing a diverse and talented manufacturing team as a production supervisor. Your main objective is to properly coordinate your team and maintain a steady workflow during the day. In a factory environment, you’ll also be in charge of managing, disciplining, recruiting, and assisting lower-level manufacturing employees.

2. Banking Services Advisor

A financial advisor is a finance professional who consults and advises on a person’s or a company’s finances. Financial advisors will assist individuals and businesses in achieving their financial goals faster by advising them on wealth-building strategies.

As a financial planner, you’ll spend your days speaking with clients about their financial goals and risk tolerance before recommending a financial planning approach that fits their needs. To succeed in this highly controlled position, you should already have the necessary licences and a thorough understanding of all of the latest financial products available.

3. Customer service manager

A Customer Service Manager’s job entails interacting with customers about a product or service through phone, email, or face-to-face, as well as possibly supervising a team of Customer Service agents. The representative will be defined in a Customer Service Manager job description as working on behalf of the organisation, so it is critical that they know and understand the company values and always behave professionally, using language that is consistent with the company.

4. Conventional Machinist

As a traditional machinist, you’ll create or fix precision parts with the help of both manual and automated machinery, as well as precise measurements. A great machinist must be dexterous with their hands and have a keen eye for detail. They must also be proficient in mathematics and mechanics, as well as have a strong sense of protection.

5. Laboratory analyst

As a Laboratory Analyst, you might work in a manufacturing laboratory that follows Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) (cGMP). Raw materials, intermediate products, finished goods, packaging materials, and other samples will be collected, labelled, analysed, and the results registered. Laboratory systems can guide the tracking, pattern analysis, and other Quality Control (QC) related responsibilities.

6. Warehouse Clerk

A warehouse clerk’s work entails handling incoming and outgoing products as well as stock management. These experts load and unload goods from delivery vehicles, transport products to the proper storage location, plan incoming shipments and ensure that orders are complete and undamaged.

7. Logistics Manager

The Logistic Manager is in charge of ensuring that finished goods are transported efficiently and that they are delivered in the correct order, on schedule, and at a fair rate. In Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes, the incumbent serves as a resource to make the most effective use of the carriers. In addition, the incumbent is in charge of the fleet of trucks, trailers, and the machinery repair team.

8. Restaurant supervisor

Restaurant supervisors are in charge of overseeing all restaurant activities and ensuring that they operate smoothly. They hire, train, and supervise restaurant employees, as well as ensure that food health and safety laws are followed and customer concerns are resolved.

9. Engineering project manager

All design engineers, drafters, and technical engineers working on particular projects are planned and directed by the Project Engineering Manager. Manages dynamic concept creation, execution, and assessment. Changes that have a significant effect on a project’s scope, budget, or schedule are evaluated and approved.

10. Assembly electrician

To make large devices work, electrical assemblers, also known as electronic assemblers, bind them to electronic components. Routing, cutting, and soldering wires are just a few of the expected tasks; any electrical assembler can gain experience with a variety of tools. Many employers provide on-the-job training for electrical assemblers, but trade schools often provide credential programs for those looking for work in the field.