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Duparquet is a relatively small town, even by Quebec standards. In reality, only 700 Duparquetoises and Duparquetois live in this city in the administrative region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, despite the fact that its territory spans more than 157 square kilometres. Duparquet is situated near Rouyn-Noranda, near the southern border of the Regional County Municipality of Abitibi-Ouest. It received its city charter in 1933, making it the first in Abitibi-Ouest.

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Lac Duparquet is one of Abitibi-most Témiscamingue’s beautiful lakes. It attracts a large number of anglers and boaters. Duparquet was established in the early 1930s, and it was then that we began to exploit the subsoil resources of this area of Quebec. After the Beattie Gold Mine opened in 1933, hundreds of houses were constructed, and the community grew quickly. It was named after a captain of the Sarre regiment’s grenadiers who was wounded at the Battle of Sainte-Foy.

1. Truck Driver

According to Trade Schools, about half of all truck drivers are nearing retirement age, implying increased demand in the coming years. Even though it’s one of the most sleep-deprived jobs around, driving trucks can pay surprisingly well, particularly in Alberta and up north.

2. Administrative Assistant 

Those days are long gone when administrative assistants were merely glorified secretaries. In 2017, they were one of Canada’s most in-demand workers, and for good reason. Administrative assistants now have expertise in accounting and technology in addition to managing a pool of other office staff.

3. Pharmacist

Due to two factors, the demand for pharmacists is increasing: the ageing Canadian population and the rising number of retailers that now have pharmacies. This isn’t one of those jobs that will make you a millionaire, but it will allow you to retire comfortably.

4.  Dispensing Optician

You could work in eye care departments, hospitals, and retail stores as a dispensing optician, assisting clients with prescription eyewear and contact lenses. Selecting, purchasing, and fitting certain items, as well as installing lenses into frames, may be among your responsibilities. In the past, such duties were often delegated to administrative assistants, but as the role of properly qualified dispensing opticians has become more widely recognised, this has changed, resulting in an increase in demand.

5. Psychologist

If people become more aware of the value of mental health, there will be a greater need for psychologists, and, according to Training Schools, there will be a shortage of qualified practitioners in this sector in the coming years. How much money you make is determined by how many patients you take on. Another benefit is that it is one of the highest-paying occupations with the most vacation time.

6. Industrial Technician

Since the manufacturing sector is expanding, skilled trades like industrial electricians are in high demand. Furthermore, there is a shortage of skilled workers in this field, so if you have the necessary skills and experience, you will be able to choose from the best jobs available, particularly in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

7. Engineering Project Manager

With the booming housing market and government-funded development projects, engineering project managers are in high demand across Canada this year. This is a well-paid career, with an annual salary of about $125,000 per year, and since it involves a lot of delegation, it’s also one of the best jobs for lazy people.

8. Account Manager

Skilled account managers are unlikely to become one of Canada’s most endangered occupations anytime soon. Account managers are critical to a company’s success because they not only find potential customers but also go above and beyond to retain current ones. As a result, outstanding interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, and business acumen are among the job’s top qualifications.

9. Software Engineer/ Designer 

Software engineers are in high demand. Recruiters and headhunters often contact developers who live in high-demand areas on a monthly basis. To design and build computer software, a software engineer uses mathematical analysis and computer science concepts.

Operating systems, computer games, middleware, business applications, and network control systems are only some of the types of software that a software engineer may create. Technology advancements and new fields of expertise keep this profession moving at a breakneck pace.