Estérel Jobs Near Me

Estérel is a city in the Laurentides region of Quebec, Canada, located in the Les Pays-d’en-Haut Regional County Municipality. Estérel, known for its residential architectural studies, provides excellent privacy due to its vegetation and topography; the ideal location for creating a sanctuary of peace and leisure away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We joined the “Fleurons du Québec” competition in 2008, which recognises the efforts of different municipalities in Québec in the areas of horticulture and landscape beautification, and we were the only city to earn four out of five stars.

Estérel is committed to upholding and improving on this honour in the future. Estérel is also a winter paradise for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling while summer offers opportunities for golf, tennis, hiking and water sports.


Esterel, one of Canada’s largest cities and financial capitals, provides a plethora of employment opportunities. Although it is often referred to as North America’s “European-style” big city, the low cost of living and strong sense of community have often made it a desirable place to work for Canadians. With all that’s happening in Quebec, we’ve put together a list of the city’s top-paying jobs- 

1. Technical Lead

Tech Leads are in charge of overseeing the technical aspects of software creation in a particular sense or team. A strong engineering lead is critical to the success of delivered solutions. To put it another way, tech leaders are software engineers who help the team work efficiently.

2. Technology Business Development 

Someone who works in technology market development studies and reports on consumer business drivers, purchasing habits, and technological developments. Develop methods for engaging key decision-makers. This position comes with a competitive base salary, as well as a flexible incentive package and full benefits.

3. Business Operations Manager

A C-level executive who oversees a company’s operating activities is known as a Business Operations Manager. Business Process Managers report to the CEO and plan, implement, and oversee a company’s projects and operations. Chief Operations Officer, COO, or Operations Director are other terms for the same person.

You must maximise profits by driving marketing campaigns to optimise revenues while maintaining the protection of company assets to be effective in this position. Candidates should be resourceful, visionary, and motivated.

4. Engineering Project Manager

Engineering project managers keep the world going by staying focused on a specific project’s target, the resources needed to achieve it, and the timeline for completion. Engineering project management has emerged as a strategic organisational skill and a desirable career path, prompting the creation of training and education programmes.

5. Aerospace Engineer

Spacecraft, ships, missiles, and military systems are all designed by aerospace engineers. Developing new technologies for use in spacecraft, aviation, and defence systems is one of an Aerospace Engineer’s responsibilities. Aircraft and aerospace product design, assembly, and testing.

6. IT Project Manager

IT project managers are in charge of planning, organising, and integrating large-scale, cross-functional information technology programmes. To create a new piece or system of software, they organise the efforts of other IT experts and administrative staff. IT project managers are in charge of preparing, coordinating, allocating money, budgeting, and effectively implementing the IT priorities of their organisations.

7. Welder

The primary responsibility of a welder is to attach metal parts together. They can also repair holes in metal parts. Welding is often more complicated than most people know. You should have extensive knowledge of welding machinery and electrical equipment to succeed in this role. The good nominee would also have a steady hand and excellent attention to detail.

8. Civil Engineering Project Manager

Civil project managers, also known as construction project managers, are in charge of overseeing the construction of major construction projects including commercial buildings, highways, and bridges. Pre-planning, budgeting, resource allocation, contract negotiation, and worker teamwork are all areas in which they are involved. Civil project managers may be responsible for supervising construction site staff and subcontractors, attending weekly project progress meetings, and ensuring that building and safety standards and regulations are followed.

9.  Administrative Support Officer 

An effective Administrative Officer can serve as a single point of contact for all staff, providing administrative support and resolving their issues. Managing office stock, preparing daily reports (e.g., expenditures and office budgets), and organising company records are among the main responsibilities.