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Fermont is a town in northeastern Quebec, Canada, about 23 kilometres from Labrador City, near the Quebec-Labrador border. It is the administrative centre of the Caniapiscau Regional County Municipality. Fermont was established in the early 1970s as a company town to exploit rich iron ore deposits from Mont Wright, about 25 kilometres west of the town site. The town is known for its massive self-contained structure, which shelters a population of smaller apartment buildings and homes on its leeward side and contains apartments, shops, schools, bars, a hotel, restaurants, a supermarket, and a swimming pool. The building was designed to act as a windbreak for the rest of the area.

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The local economy of Fermont is entirely reliant on Mont Wright and Fire Lake mines. Well, that is because the mining activities account for more than 80% of local revenue. In 2001, full-time jobs in Quebec earned an average of $63,982, compared to $39,217 in the rest of the province. In 2006, this increased to $70,102, while the provincial average fell to $37,722. The mine product is transported via the Cartier Railway to Port-Cartier, where it is processed into pellets.

A labour dispute hit the mine in 2006, which lasted from early April to early June. It was amicably settled with the renewal of a six-year term. The adult entertainment industry in Fermont is highly lucrative, and strippers can make a significant amount of money for their profession, due to the town’s disproportionately high number of men compared to women and the limited entertainment choices in Fermont’s environment.

1. Housekeeper

A housekeeper’s job is to ensure that the washing, servicing, and repairing of guest rooms are done in a timely and orderly manner. Be in charge of hotel linen, ensuring that it is moved and distributed to room attendants. Keep track of all cleaning products and review it on a regular basis. Housekeeping jobs are plentiful in the region, Fermont. So, if you enjoy doing household chores, you may be interested in applying for the job.

2. Food service worker

A food service worker is someone who works in a number of food service settings and performs a variety of tasks related to the preparation and/or serving of foods and beverages. As appropriate to the role, can prepare salad products, hot foods, and/or cold foods, as well as assist in the preparation of bakery items.

3. Warehouse Associate 

A Warehouse Associate, also known as a Warehouse Worker, Stock Clerk, or Warehouse Clerk, is in charge of collecting, sorting, and shipping out stock and materials. The Warehouse Associate is responsible for inventorying incoming stock, filling orders for outgoing stock, and maintaining a clean and orderly warehouse. A good Warehouse Associate is dedicated, well-organized, and meticulous. To keep inventory levels stable, you should be able to keep good records and keep track of incoming and outgoing stock.

4. Equipment Operator

Construction machinery such as bulldozers, forklifts, backhoes, dump trucks, freight trucks, and hydraulic truck cranes are operated by heavy equipment operators. They use this equipment to help with the construction of infrastructure such as bridges, highways, and houses.

5. Industrial Hygiene Coordinator

Chemical, physical, ergonomic, or biological exposures may cause illness, compromised health, or severe distress in employees. Industrial hygienist Coordinators assess, classify, and quantify occupational hazards or stresses.

6. Personal finance advisor

Investments, taxation, estate planning, college savings plans, pensions, mortgages, and retirement are all topics that financial planners counsel clients on. Personal financial advisors, financial consultants, financial advisers, financial service advisors, and investment advisers are all terms used to describe them.

You’ll spend the day talking to clients about their financial goals and risk tolerance before recommending a financial planning approach that fits their needs. To succeed in this highly controlled position, you should already have the necessary licences and a thorough understanding of all of the latest financial products available.


7. Retail Merchandiser

Retail merchandisers make sure that items are available in the right store or on the right website, at the right price, and in the correct amounts. This entails collaborating closely with purchasing teams to reliably predict patterns, schedule stock levels, and monitor performance.

8. Operations Manager

Operations managers are in charge of supervising, hiring, and training staff, as well as managing quality assurance systems and strategizing process improvements. Operations managers are in charge of sustaining and improving a company’s, agency’s, or organization’s productivity.