Forestville Jobs Near Me

Forestville is a town in Quebec, Canada’s Côte-Nord province. It’s about 103 kilometres southwest of Baie-Comeau, on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, along Route 138. A vehicle and passenger ferry service runs from Forestville to Rimouski on the south shore of St. At this level, Lawrence is more than 50 kilometres big. Forestville Airport is operated by the city. Forestville is renowned for its hunting and fishing opportunities, including moose hunting and fishing in various lakes and rivers, as well as beaches and camping spots in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter.


Forestville is distinctive because of its impressive windows that look out onto the shore, its two bays and white sand beaches, an archipelago where thousands of birds nest, rivers with calm and tumultuous waters, numerous lakes and plentiful fish in a vast territory that is accessible year-round and offers a variety of activities.

Forestville is home to an impressive number of community, economic, educational, and sports groups, demonstrating the community’s dynamism and social and economic fabric. Forestville, with its welcoming atmosphere, caters to the tourism industry by offering 100 different ways to live there. In sync with the seasons! Forestville is also a Village-relais, which certifies a wide range of services as well as a fun and secure stopover.


1. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives assist customers with grievances and queries, provide product and service information, accept orders, and process returns. They are often seen as having a sales job because they assist customers in understanding the product and answering questions about their reservations.

2. Hardware Store Clerk

The hardware store clerk’s primary tasks include assisting with all deliveries and transfers into and out of the store, as well as assisting with sales duties on the sales floor. Experience working in a retail or stocking environment is preferred, but not expected. Experience with hardware is a plus.

3. Truck Driver 

Usually, truck drivers move products and merchandise from production, distribution, and retail facilities. Some people work in sales and customer service as well. Other responsibilities include checking their vehicles for technical problems that could jeopardise their safety and performing basic repairs. It is necessary to have a Class A CDL or commercial driver’s licence. Candidates must have a clear driving record and pass a drug and alcohol test to be considered.

4. Inside Sales Representative

Inside sales representatives offer goods and services to consumers in a retail store or in an office environment. They’ll primarily deal with walk-in customers or source sales through email, cold calling, and lead follow-up calls in each environment.

5. Counselling Psychologist

Counseling psychologists used psychological and psychotherapeutic theory and research. Individuals, neighbourhoods, and families all profit from their attempts to reduce social pain and promote happiness. Counseling psychologists examine a person’s existence in order to identify root issues.

6. Telemarketer Executive

Telemarketing executives normally work out of call centres, where they supervise and direct the work of Telemarketers. Quotas are often set and communicated on a daily basis by telemarketing executives. To be effective as a Telemarketing Executive, you should create a collaborative, distraction-free work atmosphere. Finally, a fantastic Telemarketing Executive would ensure that employees have reliable, high-quality service.

7. Writer-Editor

Are you a writer who enjoys putting pen to paper? Does writing come naturally to you ? If the answer is yes, then this work is ideal for you. Writers and editors create the material we read in newspapers, books, magazines, and on the internet, as well as what we hear when we watch a movie, television show, radio programme, podcast, or commercial. Editors review and choose material for print and online publication.

8. Human Resources Assistant 

A trained specialist who performs an organization’s regular administrative and HR duties is known as a Human Resources (HR) Assistant. They assist HR managers with recruitment, record keeping, and payroll processing, as well as providing clerical support to all employees.

HR Assistants must have exceptional dispute resolution and decision-making skills, as well as a thorough understanding of employee relationships, staffing management, and payroll and benefits administration, in order to be effective. The best applicants would be excellent at problem-solving, organising, and the recruiting process.