Hudson Jobs Near Me

The Town of Hudson, Quebec, is a residential community situated 35 miles west of Montreal, stretching along 9 miles of the Ottawa River (Lake of Two Mountains). Hudson is a 5,135-people-strong off-island suburb of Montreal. It’s in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional County Municipality, on the south-west side of the lower Ottawa River.

Originally settled by French Canadian farmers and “voyageurs” in the early 18th century, the area became known in the early 19th century for its strong English farming population. The refugees were mostly from northern England, with a few from Scotland, Ireland, and the United States thrown in for good measure. Many descendants of the original families, both French Canadian and English-speaking, still live in Hudson.

The well-known flea market, numerous antique boutiques, specialty shops and fine clothiers, and well-known restaurants located mostly along Main Road have attracted an influx of tourists in the last two decades.


1. Customer Support Agent 

The primary duty of a customer service representative is to respond to and address customer concerns in a timely and efficient manner. Customers are communicated with through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and social media, and support reps ensure that all valid customer questions are promptly answered.

Despite the fact that customer service agents are traditionally entry-level positions, they are one of the most valuable members of a small business’s team. This person interacts directly with customers at all levels of the business relationship, and is often the only representative of the company with whom the customer can speak. 

2. HR Assistant

A human resources assistant (HRA) assists with HR procedures such as conducting tests, scheduling meetings, providing orientation, and maintaining records and data. It verifies applicants’ abilities by administering and scoring tests. Exams are arranged by the use of appointments. A good HR Assistant should be familiar with all HR duties and how human resources work.

3. Quality Assurance Technician

A good HR Assistant should be familiar with all HR duties and how human resources work. Quality assurance (QA) technicians ensure that the organization’s and consumers’ quality standards are met. They perform quality inspections, compliance records, calibrate devices, and relay test results under the direction of the quality assurance manager.

4. Librarian

A librarian is responsible for gathering, preserving, and disseminating library materials such as books, photographs, and audio files. They work in a variety of settings, including public libraries, universities, and museums. They are in charge of issuing materials, cataloguing books, and conducting regular audits.

5.  Administration Assistant

Administrative Assistants support managers, other employees, and visitors to the workplace by conducting a variety of tasks to ensure that the organisation and others have constructive and productive relationships. These practitioners are also known as administrative coordinators and administrative specialists.

6. Environmental Technician

Environmental technicians and technologists may be in charge of, among other things, collecting and analysing air, water, and soil samples, conducting field inspections and contamination investigations, and participating in environmental assessments and cleanup programmes.

7. Bookkeeper

Documenting transactions such as income and expenses and uploading them to various accounts, processing payments, and conducting routine banking tasks are all part of a bookkeeper’s job description. Produce a wide range of financial reports and reconcile them with third-party documents such as bank statements.  

8.  Administration Technician

Administrative technicians work mostly in offices and are responsible for a variety of technical, administrative, and clerical activities, including providing front-line customer service, operating multi-line telephone networks, distributing mail, filing documents, retrieving legal case records, and storing and purchasing supplies.

9. Enumerator

Enumerators work for the US Census Bureau, collecting demographic, economic, and housing data. They are in charge of canvassing communities, recording and publishing what they find. The majority of enumerators are employed to work on the population and housing census, which is conducted every ten years, but other forms of censuses are conducted more regularly. The majority of the positions are temporary, and pay varies by venue.

10. Personal Banking Associate

Personal bankers operate in retail banking branches and provide clients with a wide range of banking and financial issues. Opening checking and savings accounts, securing mortgage and car loans, and investing in financial instruments, such as certificates of deposit (CDs), capital markets, and other commercial banking products, are all examples of such requirements. They may also be able to assist the consumer with retirement or college preparation. Personal bankers deal primarily with ordinary people, while investment bankers work primarily with institutional investors.