Kingsey Falls Jobs Near Me

Kingsey Falls is a village in Drummond County, Quebec, located on the Nicolet River’s south branch, about four miles from the Canadian National Railway’s Kingsey station. It was incorporated as a village in 1922 and is named after Kingsey, an English village in the county of Oxfordshire. While it is mostly an agricultural village, it does have a paper mill that has been in operation since 1873.

The name Kingsey comes from a village in Oxfordshire, England, where surveyor JS Kingsey arrived in 1792 to divide the land. The first settlers are said to have arrived in the early 1800s, many of whom spoke English. JS Kingsey wasn’t the only one who noticed that the Nicolet River’s falls could be exploited for profit, particularly since the surrounding forests offered significant commercial timber reserves. As a result, he was given a broad swath of land on either side of the river that he did not use.

In 1886, the parish of St-Aimé de Kingsey-Falls was formed both canonical and civilly. St-Aimé was selected as the parish holder in honour of Louis-Aimé Masson, parish priest of Danville and the parish’s first priest in charge circa 1865. Two years ago, the first French settlers arrived.

Kingsey Falls:

1. Food services manager 

A food service manager is responsible for overseeing the planning of food and beverage services while delegating critical duties to supervisory personnel. They are in charge of ensuring that the dining experience is enjoyable for the customers and that the restaurant is profitable.

2. Social Animator 

A group engagement animator, also known as a “Social Animator” or “Cultural Animator,” is an applied sociologist who works with groups on grassroots initiatives. They create and foster learning opportunities that encourage local and social change action.

3. Cook 

Cleaning food preparation areas is one of a cook’s responsibilities, as described by law and company policy. He is a chef who makes meals according to the client’s requirements. Prepares food in advance of visitors’ arrival. Adjusts menu products to meet the needs of guests with allergies or special dietary requirements.

4. Office Administrative Technician

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5. Production Labourer

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6. Freelance Content Writer

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7. Customer Service Specialist

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8. Cashier

You’re probably aware of what a cashier does in general. A cashier’s primary duty is to help consumers with the check-out process in the shop. This can include things like taking payments, scanning products, bagging, and handing out acceptable change, among other things. 

9. Sales Receptionist

A sales receptionist is a person who works in an office or in an administrative support role. The job is normally done in a waiting room, such as a lobby or the front desk of a company or organisation. The term “receptionist” refers to a person who works for a company and is responsible for greeting guests, patients, or customers, as well as answering phone calls.