La Pocatière Jobs Near Me

The city of La Pocatière is located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent area of Québec. On the south bank of the St Lawrence River, 70 kilometres west of Rivière-du-Loup, La Pocatière is one kilometre inland.The “Montagne du Royaume,” a massive natural park rising to 122 metres above sea level, is situated in the city’s heart. Nicholas Juchereau de Saint-Denys, François Pollet de La Combe-father-in-law, Pocatière gave him the seigneurie de la Grande-Anse as a gift in 1672. The parish of Ste-Anne-de-La-Pocatière and, later, the city of La Pocatière were founded on this property.

La Pocatière:

The character of the city is a mix of agricultural and maritime influences. Hundreds of residents work for BOMBARDIER INC, a world-renowned transportation industry manufacturer. La Pocatière is reliant on tourism as well. The Musée François-Pilote is an ethnological museum that depicts a 19th-century rural parish. La Pocatière founded the first agricultural school in North America in 1859.

The Canadian government also recognises that investing in city public transportation infrastructure is critical for economic development, air pollution reduction, and the creation of sustainable communities where everyone has access to public services and job opportunities.

1. College Mountain

2. Bas-Saint-Laurent regional tourist center

3. The Halte Routière

4. Cybelle Farm

5. Halte Marine de La Pocatièr

1.  Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for creating, executing, and monitoring marketing strategies and plans. There are also well-paid jobs in Carignan. Traditional marketing managers work for a single organisation and are solely responsible for its success, while others work for marketing companies and represent several clients. You can also work for yourself as a marketing manager and consult with other businesses as required. A marketing manager’s average annual salary is C$85,800.

2. Sales Coordinator 

By setting monthly deadlines, a sales coordinator assists the sales staff. Assumes leadership of the team in order to meet upper management’s sales goals. Acts as a point of contact for the company’s numerous branches and customers. Provides critical feedback to management to ensure that consumers are satisfied with the product.

3.  Real Estate Administrator 

A real estate administrator is in charge of the day-to-day activities of real estate offices. You’ll need excellent communication and organisational skills to succeed. The majority of your responsibilities will revolve around clerical tasks and keeping track of important paperwork for real estate agents and property managers.

4. Heavy-duty mechanic

Heavy-duty mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing large machinery. Canada’s economy relies heavily on energy and manufacturing. The annual salary is $70,000. Heavy-duty machinery mechanics are typically employed on building sites or in the repair departments of construction companies. They normally work full-time, but their hours can vary depending on the industry and the season. Job can also include transfers, weekends, and overtime. 

5. Receptionist

Since receptionists are the first face customers see when they enter a company, they are in high demand. Customer service and technical skills are required for this role. The annual salary is $31,304.

6. Sales associate

Sales associates and sales managers are critical in both selling to customers and selling to other businesses. Sales Associates are responsible for selling goods, services, and products to customers. It is their responsibility to generate new sales leads and convert them into paying customers. The annual salary is $50,255.

Sales associates in retail usually operate in supermarkets and shops, interacting with customers on the sales floor. These salespeople may work part-time or full-time, and they often work evenings, weekends, and holidays.

7. Transportation Driver

Trucks, rail cars, buses, subways, and/or other large vehicles are used by candidates for this role. They can distribute locally or transport cargo between cities. Passengers will be transferred between different stations by subway or bus operators. The retirement of current transit drivers, as well as an increase in the number of people who use public transportation, have all contributed to the increase in employment. Bus and subway drivers earn C$48,400 after a probationary period, while truck drivers earn C$60,288.

8. Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist is a healthcare professional who assists patients with mobility problems caused by an injury, surgery, or a medical condition. A member of staff in this role will also assist in training and educating patients about how to perform daily tasks such as meal preparation, sleeping, washing, dressing, and using a computer. Occupational therapists earn an average of C$55,200 a year.